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    17 Desserts You Can Make On The Grill

    Move over, burgers.

    1. Grilled Peaches with Bourbon Butter Sauce

    Grilled fruit is so magical because it's hot and sugary and tastes decadent without being awful for you. Recipe here.

    2. Grilled Banana Boats

    Nothing is more perfect than this banana s'more thing. Recipe here.

    3. Chocolate Cherry Ricotta Grilled Pizzas

    There's a certain magic to a dessert pizza. Recipe here.

    4. Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet

    Consider your summer a complete failure if you don't have grilled pineapple. IT IS SO GOOD. Recipe here.

    5. Grilled Pound Cake with Cherry Compote

    Don't mind if I do. Recipe here.

    6. Toasted Marshmallow, Bread, and Banana Sticks with Chocolate Fondue

    That's right, you can make CHOCOLATE FONDUE on the grill! Recipe here.

    7. Grilled Doughnuts

    I DARE you to put your fave doughnut on the grill this summer.

    8. Grilled Fruit Cobbler

    Topped with lots and lots of cold vanilla ice cream. Recipe here.

    9. Grilled Banana Split

    Food & Wine © Catherine Ledner

    Why would you NOT put your bananas on the grill before adding them to your sundae? Recipe here.

    10. Grilled Shortcake Skewers

    What if you had a kebab party? Appetizer kebab, main course kebab, and dessert kebab. Wouldn't that be amazing? Recipe here.

    11. Grilled Orange Cupcake

    This cupcake is baked inside of an orange for optimal orange flavor. Recipe here.

    12. Grilled Blueberry Lemon Pie

    Made in a skillet on the grill. Recipe here.

    13. Grilled Bread Pudding

    The foil here is key. Recipe here.

    14. Grilled Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Take your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough, put it on tin foil, and leave it on the grill for about 20 minutes.

    15. Grilled Grapefruit with Mascarpone

    You could probably pass this off as breakfast, too. Recipe here.

    16. Grilled Strawberry Tart

    Just look at that puddle of strawberry on the plate. Just look. Recipe here.

    17. Grilled S'mores Pie

    Gettin' fancy over here. Recipe here.

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