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May 28, 2013

Exclusive: Here Is Nancy Pelosi's Plan To Sell ObamaCare

Democratic leaders handed this 78-page packet out to members of Congress heading home this summer to face questions about the health-care overhaul. Some advice: Target young people, seniors, and women; and work with Planned Parenthood.

Rob Lowe's 7 Wackiest On-Screen Faces

Just two days after he had his face stretched back so tight he looked like a lizard person in Behind the Candelabra, it's been announced that Rob Lowe will play JFK in NatGeo's adaptation of Bill O'Reilly's book, Killing JFK. A naturally perfect specimen of a man, Lowe has over the past 20 years jumped on every opportunity to subvert his looks and play a wacky-looking character.

Hillary Clinton Is Missing From Twitter

The possible frontrunner for president in 2016 has never tweeted — and the people around her are barely familiar with the medium. "Where in the world is Philippe?"

Why Amish Teens Love Facebook

For many Amish teens, Rumspringa means hard partying, dating, cars — and Facebook. So much for "What happens in Rumspringa stays in Rumspringa."

Yahoo's Hulu Bid Validates Former CEO's Strategy

In bidding for Hulu, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is taking a page from former interim CEO Ross Levinsohn's playbook. She'll be going up against Levinsohn for the second time, as he too is bidding for the online video site.

The 5 Main Things Cats Say

Cats aren't conversationalists, for the most part, but once you get them on one of their favorite topics, they never shut up! Those five topics, as you probably know, are Long Johnson, negation (generally), dogs, eating, and, of course, Al Gore.

Positively Electric

The stock of electric car maker Tesla cracked $100 for this first time Tuesday and have almost quadrupled for the year, giving CEO Elon Musk every reason to break out the champagne.

14 Ultra-Minimalist Movie Posters

By Michal Krasnopolski. See if you get all the references. According to the designer, the posters “require some knowledge of movie genres and are a riddle game for movie enthusiasts.”

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