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17 Unusual Uses For Vodka

Besides drinking it. Obvi.

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4. Soothe the sting of poison ivy.

If you pour vodka on your skin immediately after you've had a brush-up with some poison ivy, the alcohol in it will alleviate some of the sting.


7. Use it as homemade Febreze.

Vodka is so strong that it kills odor-causing bacteria. Just put some in a spray bottle and spritz your clothes, then hang them to dry in a well-ventilated area.

10. Kill weeds without using gross pesticides.

Combine an ounce of vodka, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and two cups of water in a spray bottle, and you'll be able to get rid of pesky weeds without using harmful chemicals.


13. Make flakier pies.

Substituting a tablespoon of vodka for every third tablespoon of water will make your pie crusts moister without requiring additional water (which can make your dough rubbery).

16. Make a homemade, reusable ice pack.

Put ½ cup of vodka and ½ cup of water into a zip-close freezer bag, and freeze for an ice pack you can use time after time, Cyndi Lauper style.


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