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Papa John's Delivery Man Butt-Dials Customer During Racist Rant

If you're going to go on a racist tirade about a customer, you probably shouldn't leave it as a voicemail on their phone.

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Two Papa John's employees were fired after they butt-dialed a customer and left a voicemail full of racial slurs directed at the customer.

From the video's description on World Star Hip-Hop:

This was a voicemail left on my phone by a Papa John's Pizza employee. This is highly offensive, derogatory, and ignorant. I am appalled that there were no managers or supervisors (the managers and/ supervisors may even be the ones speaking throughout the recording...who knows) from stopping this kind of conversation in the work place. Everybody has a right to their opinions, however, there is a time and place to express them. As an African-American in this community and also someone who has always tipped their Delivery Drivers 21%+, I am disgusted entirely by this conversation. Instead of focusing on "better ingredients" and "better pizza", they should prioritize "better integrity" and "better people" on the top of their 'to-do list'.

John "Papa John" Schnatter responded to the controversial phone call on Facebook on Monday.

Papa John's Facebook fans have lauded Schnatter for how he's handled the controversy.

Schnatter even went so far as to leave a comment on a Daily Dot article covering the phone call.

This is not the first time, however, that Papa John's employees have had an issue with race.

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