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May 6, 2013

Born To Die: Why "Smash" Killed Off A Fan Favorite Character

If the death on the last episode of Smash reminded you of the real-life story behind Rent, that was intentional. I spoke with showrunner Joshua Safran and actor Andy Mientus about the Rent connection, and the decision to end one character's run shortly before Smash reaches its big finish.

Mark Sanford Loves Props

The former South Carolina Governor has a history of using visual aides to help make his points

The 21 Most Overused Fashion Words

These terms have migrated from the pages of women's magazines to the twitter feeds of the fashion industry's elite. If we never used them again, probably no one would miss them.

The 23 Best Lance Bass Poses

It was Lance Bass' birthday this weekend, so here are the best poses from his NSYNC days to celebrate. You know he was your favorite, don't lie.

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