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    24 Things That Could Be The Next Mason Jar

    Pinterest has had its fill of you, little glass containers of infinite possibility. Time for a new craft king.

    1. Corks

    2. Clothespins

    3. Walnuts

    There are so many empty husks in the world, just begging to be turned into something that can be loved.

    4. Bones

    5. Top Hats

    How often have you thought, "Man, I have all these top hats but not enough light fixtures?"

    6. Cameras

    How often have you thought, "Man, I have all these Canons but not enough light fixtures?"

    7. Blenders

    How often have you omg stfu.

    8. Googly Eyes

    9. Doubloons

    10. Fishtail Braids

    Good for weaving + friendship bracelets.

    11. Miniature Grilled Cheeses

    12. Dolls

    13. iPhones

    Flickr: blakespot

    Smooth, shiny, easily broken: they practically ARE Mason jars.

    14. Tampons

    15. Ghosts


    Craft supplies without corporeal form are easier to work with.

    16. Broken Pencil Lead

    17. Kale


    It needs something to do now that it's so hopelessly over.

    18. Dogs

    Will wear anything -> perfect canvas.

    19. Biological Clocks


    20. Vanilla Ice

    Mark Davis / Getty Images

    He <3's DIY.

    21. The Periodic Table

    What's more DIY than THE UNIVERSE?

    22. Titanic VHS Box Sets

    23. The Paper That Sticks To The Back Of Candy Buttons

    24. Masons

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