May Is Basically The Waiting Room Of Summertime

Come on summer, let’s goooooo! May is pretty much seasonal purgatory.

1. May is here! Only one month left to get your summer game face on. Let’s do this!

2. It’s too cold out but try to get a jump on your summer tan anyway.

3. Then play the world’s most dangerous fashion game for a couple of weeks.

4. And just when you give up and pull your hoodies back out of storage, Hades takes up residence in your neighborhood.

5. Which is fine until you realize you haven’t learned the ice cream truck’s route yet. You can hear it, but you CAN’T FIND IT.

6. Well who needs ice cream when you can grill out…on the grill that hasn’t been used in months.

Donna Dickens

8. Fine, let’s just work out. After running in a climate controlled environment for months, it’s time to “enjoy nature.”

9. Oh right, your nasal passages are not outdoor people.

10. Ugh, we’ll “enjoy nature” from the pool. BUT IT’S NOT OPEN. Scorching temperatures wait for no holiday, municipal government!

11. Speaking of a government mismanagement, school’s still in session but let’s be honest, no one is doing anything.

12. Which is perfect practice for summer office months.

13. Great prep work everyone! I think we’re ready for a lazy summer…oh dammit.

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