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26 Boozy Milkshakes That Know How To Party

All dressed up and ready to dance.

1. Hot Fudge Bourbon Milkshake

Bourbon milkshake WITH bourbon whipped cream. Recipe here.

2. Biscoff and Bourbon Milkshake

Cookies and booze together 4ever. Recipe here.

3. Boozy Shamrock Shake

Who cares if it's not St. Patrick's Day. Recipe here.

4. Pumpkin Bourbon Milkshake

Vegetables, booze, AND ice cream all in one drink? Sounds like a meal to me. Recipe here.

5. Inaugural Boozy Milkshake

'MURICA. Recipe here.

6. Peach, Cinnamon, and Bourbon Milkshake

Find the recipe on the 10th Kitchen.

7. Salted Caramel and Bourbon Milkshake

This salted caramel milkshake needs the booze. Recipe here.

8. Irish Coffee Milkshake with Whiskey Caramel

There is no booze in the milkshake itself, so you better load up on the whiskey caramel. Recipe here.

9. Banana Foster Milkshake with Rum

Caramel, banana, cinnamon, and rum all in one beautiful drink. Recipe here.

10. Cold Buttered Rum Milkshake

Lady of the night. Or day. Or anytime at all. Recipe here.

11. Piña Colada Milkshake

You don't have to be on vacation to have one of these. Recipe here.

12. Coconut Rum Milkshake

This one mixes coconut sorbet with vanilla ice cream for a unique flavor/texture thing. Recipe here.

13. White Chocolate Rum Milkshake

Good for the winter holidays or for whenever. Recipe here.

14. Banana Pie Rum Milkshake

You never have to make the decision between booze or dessert again. Recipe here.

15. Boozy Funfetti Milkshake

Celebrate life with lots of sprinkles. Recipe here.

16. Spiked Snickerdoodle Milkshake

Find the recipe on The Pink Flour.

17. Boozy Banana Cream Pie Milkshake

Banana cream pie is always ready to get down. Recipe here.

18. Coffee Vodka Milkshake

Breakfast? Find the recipe on She Knows.

19. Boozy Key Lime Pie Milkshake

Recipe here.

20. Vodka S'Mores Milkshake

This one calls for s'mores vodka, but chocolate vodka would be fine too. Recipe here.

21. Spiked Thin Mint Milkshake

22. Salted Caramel Tequila Milkshake

Three ingredients come between you and this milkshake. Recipe here.

23. Chocolate Chip Cookie Baileys Milkshake

Drool away. Recipe here.

24. Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshake

This one likes to get cozy on the first date. Recipe here.

25. Nutella Irish Cream Milkshake

This one doesn't need to impress you; she knows she's special. Recipe here.

26. Baileys and Kahlua Oreo Milkshake

The more booze the merrier. Recipe here.