Here’s A Boozy DIY Shamrock Shake For St. Patrick’s Day

Because a little extra whiskey never hurt anyone.

Say hello to the creamy, dreamy solution to all your St. Patrick’s Day drinking AND dessert needs:

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Izy Hossack

Nice to meet you.

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3. It’s inspired by McDonald’s seasonal wonder of nuclear-green shake engineering, but a little less sweet, a little more minty, and with a LOT more whiskey in it.

Izy Hossack

Whiskey optional if you’re young or especially timid.

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Izy Hossack
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Makes 1 large or 2 small shakes


2½ cups vanilla ice cream
¼ cup milk (we used whole, but low-fat would work too)
3 oz. Jameson Irish whiskey (two shots, or 6 Tbsp.)
¼ tsp. mint extract (don’t use “peppermint” extract, which tastes like toothpaste)
4–6 drops green + 2 drops yellow food coloring

For mint syrup:

1 small bunch fresh mint
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

For garnish:

Whipped cream
Maraschino cherries
Fun drinking straws

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Izy Hossack
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Heat water, sugar, and fresh mint (about 1 cup leaves) in a small saucepan until the sugar is completely dissolved.

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izy Hossack
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Transfer syrup to a heatproof bowl (not Tupperware, since it could melt) and chill until cool. You can put it in the freezer to speed this up; check after about 20 minutes.

Strain out mint leaves. Set aside 2 Tbsp. of the syrup for your Shamrock Shake and save the rest for something else fun.

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Izy Hossack
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Combine 2 Tbsp. mint syrup, ice cream, milk, whiskey, mint extract, and food coloring in a blender and whiz until smooth.

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Pour into pretty glasses.

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Garnish with whipped cream and a cherry, if you’re into that.

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Drink up and have A VERY MERRY St. Paddy’s Day. Sláinte!

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Izy Hossack
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Photographs and GIFs shot for BuzzFeed by Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon.

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