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    41 Coolest Night Lights To Buy Or DIY

    Being afraid of the dark is nothing to be ashamed of.

    1. Baby Birdhouse Lamp

    $74.99 from Etsy.

    2. A Tiny Baseboard Mouse House

    You'd actually have to get this "installed," but it's really rather adorable. Read more about it here.

    3. Bird in a Jar Nightlights

    $40.40 from Etsy.

    4. The Fried Egg Night Light

    $6 from eBay.

    5. Gummy Bear Night Light

    6. Giraffe Wall Light

    7. DIY Cloud Night Light

    Get the directions here.

    8. "Moon in My Room" actually shows the phases of the moon.

    Buy it for $23.72 here.

    9. The Constellation Tortoise projects glowing stars onto the ceiling.

    Get it for $17.99 here.

    10. Color-Changing Rods

    Get it for $75 from Etsy.

    11. Bunny Night Light

    12. Blue Bird Night Light

    13. Hedgehog Night Light

    14. Balloon Night Light

    15. Cloud Night Light with Stars

    $30 from Etsy.

    16. Rechargeable Shell Night Light

    You can take the "pearls" with you when going to the bathroom, kitchen, wherever. $9 from eBay.

    17. Galaxy Night Light

    18. Rope Lighting Under Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

    19. Portable Night Owl Night Light

    Another night light you can carry with you. Get it for $32.95 from Amazon.

    20. Solar Night Light

    Get it here for $31.49.

    21. Panda Night Light

    Get it for $29.95 here.

    22. DIY Pyramid LED Night Light

    23. DIY Rope Rug Night Light

    Involves crocheting around a rope light. Get the directions here.

    24. DIY House Night Light

    Repurposed from a milk carton and paint chips. Get more information here.

    25. DIY Birdcage Lamp with Curtains

    Get the directions here.

    26. Soft Orb Light

    $65 from Etsy.

    27. Solar Lights in a Jar

    $15 from Etsy.

    28. "Love You" Night Light

    Get it for $24 from Etsy.

    29. Birds of Snow Light Box

    $75 from Etsy.

    30. Color-Changing Orb Night Light

    The orbs are removable. Get it for $78 from Nordstrom.

    31. DIY Vintage Camera Night Light

    Get the instructions here.

    32. Light Box Night Lights

    $38 from Etsy. Comes in a vast array of designs.

    33. Bookmark Night Light

    Coolest night light ever that unfortunately exists in design only.

    34. The Minecraft Night Light

    35. DIY Illuminated Canvas Light

    Get the instructions here.

    36. Mushroom Plant Night Light

    37. USB Mushroom Lamp

    Get it for $9.99 here.

    38. Starry Night Egg Night Light

    Get it for $165 here.

    39. Hedgehog Night Light

    40. DIY Pom Pom Lamp

    Get the directions here.

    41. Night Light Slippers