41 Coolest Night Lights To Buy Or DIY

Being afraid of the dark is nothing to be ashamed of.

1. Baby Birdhouse Lamp

$74.99 from Etsy.

2. A Tiny Baseboard Mouse House


You’d actually have to get this “installed,” but it’s really rather adorable. Read more about it here.

3. Bird in a Jar Nightlights

$40.40 from Etsy.

4. The Fried Egg Night Light

$6 from eBay.

5. Gummy Bear Night Light

£25.00 from Maiden.

6. Giraffe Wall Light

$199 from Land of Nod.

7. DIY Cloud Night Light

Get the directions here.

8. “Moon in My Room” actually shows the phases of the moon.

Buy it for $23.72 here.

9. The Constellation Tortoise projects glowing stars onto the ceiling.

Get it for $17.99 here.

10. Color-Changing Rods


Get it for $75 from Etsy.

11. Bunny Night Light

£6.00 from Maiden.

12. Blue Bird Night Light

$10 from They Might Be Giants.

13. Hedgehog Night Light

$59.95 from Hard to Find.

15. Cloud Night Light with Stars

$30 from Etsy.

16. Rechargeable Shell Night Light

You can take the “pearls” with you when going to the bathroom, kitchen, wherever. $9 from eBay.

17. Galaxy Night Light

$5 from Kikkerland.

18. Rope Lighting Under Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

19. Portable Night Owl Night Light

Another night light you can carry with you. Get it for $32.95 from Amazon.

20. Solar Night Light

Get it here for $31.49.

21. Panda Night Light

Get it for $29.95 here.

22. DIY Pyramid LED Night Light

23. DIY Rope Rug Night Light

Involves crocheting around a rope light. Get the directions here.

24. DIY House Night Light

Repurposed from a milk carton and paint chips. Get more information here.

25. DIY Birdcage Lamp with Curtains

Get the directions here.

26. Soft Orb Light

$65 from Etsy.

27. Solar Lights in a Jar

$15 from Etsy.

28. “Love You” Night Light

Get it for $24 from Etsy.

29. Birds of Snow Light Box

$75 from Etsy.

30. Color-Changing Orb Night Light

The orbs are removable. Get it for $78 from Nordstrom.

31. DIY Vintage Camera Night Light

Get the instructions here.

32. Light Box Night Lights

$38 from Etsy. Comes in a vast array of designs.

33. Bookmark Night Light

Coolest night light ever that unfortunately exists in design only.

34. The Minecraft Night Light

$32 from The Fancy.

35. DIY Illuminated Canvas Light

Get the instructions here.

36. Mushroom Plant Night Light

$29 from Infmetry.

37. USB Mushroom Lamp

Get it for $9.99 here.

38. Starry Night Egg Night Light

Get it for $165 here.

39. Hedgehog Night Light

$9.95 from Land of Nod.

40. DIY Pom Pom Lamp

Get the directions here.

41. Night Light Slippers

Get them here.

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