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    10 Absurdly Skimpy Outfits Saved By "Repair Her Armor"

    Contrary to popular belief, women do not possess stone skin and do indeed need armor. The collaborative efforts of Repair Her Armor are tackling this lack of proper battle gear.

    1. Tanya Nichols - Lookers

    2. Kiani - Fathom

    3. Samara - Mass Effect

    4. Witchblade - Witchblade

    5. Warrior Class - Dragon Knights Online

    6. Warrior Class - Eudeomons Online

    7. Skarlet - Mortal Kombat

    8. Witchblade / Lady Death - Lady Death / Medieval Witchblade

    9. Warrior Class - Tera Online

    10. Vampirella - Vampirella

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