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This Is What Happens When A "Will & Grace" Star Hangs Out In A Cleveland Hotel Lobby

Megan Mullally was just trying to kill time at the Beachwood Hilton while making the coming-of-age comedy The Kings of Summer. But the evening had other plans. Like a bar fight.

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Megan Mullally at the Los Angeles premiere of CBS Films' The Kings of Summer on May 28, 2013
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Megan Mullally at the Los Angeles premiere of CBS Films' The Kings of Summer on May 28, 2013

In Megan Mullally's own (lightly edited) words, as told to BuzzFeed:

"So we were ensconced for two weeks at the Beachwood Hilton, where on the first floor, they have a nightclub called Capers. Nick Offerman, my husband, was shooting. They often shot pretty late. And so me and the guy who plays my husband in the movie, Mark Evan Jackson, and Alison Brie's boyfriend in the movie, Eugene Cordero, decided to retire to Capers for a nightcap."

"We entered and soon realized that we would have to find another spot to sit and talk because it was packed to the rafters, and the music was decibel 8 million."

Capers (not packed to the rafters)

Capers (not packed to the rafters)

"So we got our glass of wine and we went out to the lobby and sat down, where I promptly saw a beautiful woman wearing a dashiki. I went up to talk to her — she was from Nairobi — and she came and joined us. So it's the four of us sitting there.

At a certain point, some kind of ruckus has broken out at Capers, because all of the sudden, police and EMTs are rushing through the lobby into Capers. All of the patrons are being escorted out."

"Apparently, a rather large woman wearing a horizontally striped mini-dress had been dancing in front of the mirrored wall on the disco dance floor, so provocatively that she had driven two different men into some kind of sexual frenzy, and provoked them to fight one another."

"One of them men had pulled out a Taser and tazed the other guy twice in the fanny. We did not witness the actual tazing, but we got to see the woman, like, strutting through the lobby because she was really, you know, the focus of the evening, and then the poor men being taken out in handcuffs.

And I don't know why, but Denise from Nairobi and I decided that we needed to go and get a little bit of a closer look. So we went outside — going through the breezeway because, you know, there is one at the Hilton — and we passed one of the guys, whose face was all swollen and bloody. And I felt like I should say, 'I hope you feel better' to him, which I did."

"Which was met with, I would say, nothing less than a murderous glare."

"So that was a fun evening!"

Annnnnnd scene.

This post has been updated to reflect that Mullally told her story to BuzzFeed.

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