KFC Is Being Smuggled Into Gaza Through Underground Tunnels

Contraband chicken!

1. For about 100 Shekels ($30), Palestinian families can now get their KFC on — fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and all.

2. The deliveries come from Al-Yamama, a service that smuggles in goods to Gaza from Egypt…

3. Through these tunnels.

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Christian Science Monitor has more details on the tunnel business:

Smuggler Abu Iyad says the tunnels are meant to bring in basic food stuffs, construction materials, and sometimes people. “This is the first time to smuggle such goods,” he says.

He adds that the tunnel business has gone down recently mainly after Israel relaxed the embargo it imposed on the territory after Hamas seized it in 2007…

With Israel relaxing the embargo and allowing more goods to reach Gaza cheaply, the premium that smugglers could once charge for some goods has gone down…

5. There are no KFC locations in the Palestinian area, and the subterranean deliveries do tend to take a long time, Al-Yamama admits.

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6. “Sometimes Hamas checks the meal boxes and sometimes the taxi that picks up the orders from Sinai is late,” accountant Mohammed Al-Madani told China’s Xinhua.

Barcroft Media/Landov / Via

7. But that hasn’t discouraged orders. “It’s delicious even as it’s not hot,” one customer said.


8. “It has been a dream, and this company has made my dream come true,” another customer told CS Monitor. “All you need to have any KFC product is a short phone call and a few hours, then you can enjoy the great taste of fried chickens.”


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