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18 Timely Halloween Costumes For 2013

This was a huge year both online and IRL. Show the world how up-to-the-minute you are with these easy costume ideas.

DIY • 5 years ago

How To Make An Absolutely Insane Kentucky Derby Hat

And a slightly-less-insane one. These hats will protect you from the sun's rays all summer long.

DIY • 6 years ago

2 Insanely Easy Kids' Toys You Can Make Yourself

Sometimes a simple, inexpensive toy can keep 'em occupied for way longer than anything from Toys R Us.

DIY • 6 years ago

How To Turn Boring String Lights Into A Rainbow Extravaganza

All it takes is Mod Podge, cheesecloth, and *imagination*.

DIY • 6 years ago

21 Life-Changing Ways To Use Everyday Objects As Bongs

Sometimes you need to get resourceful.

DIY • 6 years ago

Here's How To Make Kid President Out Of Origami

Origami paper artist Lisa KN gives us a glimpse into how she creates her amazing pop culture portraits. Art meets craft meets the internet.

DIY • 6 years ago

How To Make Your Own Succulent Corsage

And boutonniere! Whether it's for a prom, a wedding, or just because succulents are the best, this is a quick and inexpensive way to make any outfit special.

DIY • 6 years ago

How To Make The Peep Chandelier You Never Knew You Needed

Candy-lier? Chandel-easter? Whatever you call it, it's kind of insane and kind of wonderful. Good Morning America challenged us to come up with something crazy made of Peeps, and now you can too.

DIY • 6 years ago