20 DIY Mother's Day Gifts All Under $20 And 20 Minutes

    What are you getting your mom this Mother's Day? Flowers? Candy? Skip the traditional, boring stuff. Here are 20 awesome and unbelievably easy gifts you can make in under 20 minutes and for less than $20.

    1. Chic Studded and Painted Tote Bags

    2. Lemon Lavender Champagne Cake

    3. Fringe Statement Necklaces

    4. Embroidery Hoop Clocks

    5. Lemon Tea Cupcakes

    6. Belted Storage Totes

    7. Watch Wrap Bracelet

    8. Stylish Dyed Scarves

    9. Leather Tassel Necklace

    10. Pretty Custom Camera Strap

    11. State-Shaped Bulletin Boards

    12. Zipper Bracelets

    13. Chocolate-Covered Amaretto Strawberries

    14. Sparkling Statement Necklace

    15. Chalkboard Cheese Tray

    16. Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats

    17. Polaroid Tote Bag

    18. Cross-Stitched Stationery

    19. Glitter Gardening Tools

    20. Turn Bootcut Jeans into Skinny Jeans