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17 Delightful Mint Julep Desserts For Derby Day

What's even more fun than watching horses run really fast? Eating ice cream with bourbon in it.

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So, you know about mint juleps, right?

The classic Mint Julep is a delightfully refreshing muddle of bourbon, mint, and sugar over lots of crushed ice, and it's the traditional drink to drink while watching horses run very fast at the Kentucky Derby. Preferably out of a fancy silver julep cup, while wearing an enormous fancy hat.

AND: The great thing about bourbon and mint is that they also combine to make amazing desserts (why stop at getting tipsy when you can give yourself a julep-inspired sugar high, too?) So, between the Kentucky Derby on May 4 and National Mint Julep Day on the 30th, you should probably just eat these all month long.


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