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November 6, 2012

37 People Who Say They're Moving To Australia If Obama Wins

At least they didn't fall for the Canada trap this time. Some minor issues: Australia has a single-payer healthcare system and supports Obama nearly 20 to 1. But the weather is nice!

Was Robert Pattinson Drunk On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Last Night?

Perez Hilton thinks so. The fact that Jimmy Kimmel furnishes his green rooms with bottles of vodka — and that he admitted to drinking some — probably doesn't help his case very much.

Can You Predict The Election?

Predict the outcome of the election using this interactive map tool, then take a screenshot and post it below. The winner with the closest map will be announced tomorrow!

22 People Who Are Ready To Beat Up United Nations Election Observers

A routine visit from international election observers nearly sparked an international incident in Texas. The observers are actually from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, but who's counting?

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