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October 15, 2012

Cosplayers In The Wild At New York Comic Con

The frequently unglamorous life of those trudging around in costume all day at NYCC.

The Best Part Of Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape Lawsuit

Hogan's suing the couple who taped him and Gawker Media for posting the footage. His lawyer, Chuck Harder, has the privilege of announcing the details with a straight face.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: The Real Stripper Revealed

Finally, the truth comes out! On Part 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show, we learned that one of the cast members is a former stripper. Yes, it's true! But it's not Melissa Gorga. It's her husband, Joe! Just when you thought the …

The Most Insane College Football Tackle Ever

The WWE called and they want to sign Alabama's LaMichael Fanning immediately.

12 Photos Of Rihanna Doing Her Favorite Sexy Pose

Step one: lie supine. Step two: twist the torso. Step three: make sexy face.

Anatomy Of An Otter Heist

Warning: do not trust these adorable otters. They are super sneaky master thieves.

Blackface Skit About Chris Brown Beating Rihanna At High School Pep Rally

A racial and domestic violence scandal hits Waverly, New York, a town with a 97 percent white population.

The News App That's Going To Drive The Media Insane

Circa takes aggregation to its logical endpoint.

The Terrible 20: Facebook Buttons @

The latest viral buzz from

Among The Missing: Notable Games Lost To Time From

Many other games have met the same fate, however. In the mid-1990s, RPG fans might have looked forward to two upcoming Super NES games: Renovation localized Wolfteam's action-RPG Neugier as The Journey Home, while Vic Tokai translated their own Shin…

11 Must-See GIFs From The NFL's Sixth Week

Epic fist pumps, dumb luck, and awesome celebrations galore.

BuzzFeed Food Now Has A NOM Button

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. Also: nom nom nom nom nom.

Police Brutally Beat Man At Youth Outreach Center

They thought the man sleeping in the synagogue lounge was loitering.

"Twelve Year Old Slut Meme" Facebook Page May Be Illegal

The page, started by two Australian men to mock underage girls, may violate Australian law.

Guess The Celebrity Behind The Rainbow Hair

Wearing bright colors on the tip of your hair is all the rage in Hollywood right now. Can you guess which hair belongs to whom? Hint: Some answers will appear more than once.

Lost "Exorcist" Test Footage Unearthed

Just in time for Halloween! The crew takes Linda Blair for a spin on the custom made manipulation device, levitating her off the bed and violently tossing her about.

Surgeon Says Afterlife Exists After Coming Out Of Coma

A Harvard-educated neurosurgeon who had previously dismissed the idea of heaven or an afterlife changed his mind after he recovered from a week-long coma in 2008. He has recently published a book about his experience called "Proof of Heaven." We're …

Taylor Momsen Goes Nude For Her Band's Spoken Word Video

If you’re a regular viewer of Gossip Girl, then you’re probably well aware of who Taylor Momsen is and you also probably found this site by accident or because someone totally posted a link on your Facebook. But fans of holiday films and Jim Carrey’…

Archie Meets The Cast Of "Glee"

But you can't sing in text! In an alternate reality, this comic would come with an audio tape to follow along to.

Eerie "Abandoned" Classic Paintings And Other Links

Where did everyone go? Plus, the colors red and blue control your life and rating the best shows within a show.

Lazy Costume Guide To Comic Con

If you don't feel like putting together an elaborate costume for Con, you don't have to. Some examples of the lazy costume.

Scarlett Johansson Is Single Again

Start your engines, boys! That story and many more celebrity relationship updates in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Supercut Of Pro Wrestlers Breathing Heavily

Anyone else feel like they're watching an asthma attack?

Mormons Love Jenga, Apparently

Not just Mitt Romney. I hate the crap out of it.

10 New Rules For Wedding Dresses

The latest bridal collections are hitting the runways yet again proving few things are more fun than looking at wedding dresses.

Romney Camp: Obama Not Macho Enough For Latinos

Romney gains in Florida. Democrats say the polls are skewed.

Welcome To The World, Incredibly Adorable Baby Meerkats

These pups took their first steps outside their burrow at the London Zoo. And today is all of a sudden the best day ever because of these photos.

The Craziest Eyes At New York Comic Con

To really complete your look at NYCC, you need some painful looking contacts.

Scarlett Johansson As A 90s Girl For "W Magazine"

Rooney Mara, Keira Knightly and Mia Wasikowska also took part in the dress as a decade photoshoot for W Magazine.

New Audio Released Of Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump

Or, how to scream like a grown man.

Video: Almost Four Minutes Of Pro Wrestlers Breathing

Here's a nearly four-minute video clip of pro wrestlers breathing. It's grosser than you're even imagining. Stick around for the surprise ending.

Video: Cleveland Browns Fan Dunks Head Into Piss Bucket For $500

By way of Deadspin comes this clip of a Cleveland Browns fan dunking his head into a piss bucket (a literal bucket full of urine) for $500. GO BROWNS.

The Dueling Flickr Feeds Of Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

The Annotated White House Flickr Feed returns with a special Election 2012 edition. Here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins to explain the politics behind the pictures. How much time does "examine s…

29 Moving Photos Of Women Speaking Out For Wounded Pakistani Girl

As Malala Yousafzai — the 14-year-old activist shot by the Taliban — recovers, women across the Middle East and South Asia orchestrate overwhelming displays of support.

7 Things You Need To Know About French Sex Parties

French politicians and celebrities apparently like engaging in partner-swapping sex parties. Participants include "Text-Message Man," the "king of the massage parlours," and of course, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Reddit's Awkward Teen Years

The site's recent turmoil says a lot about how outcast web cultures come of age.

Josh Hutcherson Being Terrified By Actual Zombies And Monsters

JK, just him being fake scared by fake zombies and monsters.

Adorable "I Have Two Fathers" Music Video

Brb, jamming out to this smooth, inspiring jam.

Kim Kardashian Forgot To Wear Underwear

Or maybe this was all an elaborate plan for attention. Either way, here's a photo of her very see-through skirt. [NSFW]

The Funniest Picture Of Jude Law You'll See Today

He has mutton chops now! WTF are these pictures?

Turns Out The Guy From The "Call Me Maybe" Video Is A Rapper

No, seriously. Holden Nowell, aka H da 6'Trey has a burgeoning rap career. (H/T to Laughterkey)

Cleveland Man Dunks Head In A Bucket Of Urine For $450

Even when the Browns win, Cleveland loses.

The Best Of Couples Cosplay At New York Comic Con

The couple that cosplays together... Be they friends or significant others, it's always better to have a costumed partner at Comic Con.

Tia Mowry Cut All Of Her Hair Off

Now she has a pixie cut. Is it fab or drab?

The Perfect Day For A Hamburger Lover, In Pictures

This is going to be the best day of your — and your pet turtle's — entire life.

Britney Spears Finances Revealed, How She Spends Money

New documents from her conservatorship case reveal that the 30-year-old pop star had a $32.4 million fortune at the end of 2010. And that was well before she grabbed a $15 million payday for her X Factor judging gig and went on a concert tour that r…

Frighteningly Brilliant Ads

Nobody does scary TV and print ads better than "13th Street," the German horror TV channel. A treat for Halloween.

The 5 Stages Of A Professional Athlete Jumping Into Your Arms

Being this close to Robert Griffin III is enough to drive anyone crazy.

4 Easy Ways To Be Ryan Lochte For Halloween

Grillz, goggles and everything else you need to dress up like a man who might not know the letter "y" exists. #JEAH

"Munsters" Reboot Finally Gets A Promo

Did they seriously just use the "start up" sound to revive Frankenstein's monster? Yes, yes they did.

Zoolander Made An Appearance At The "Night Of Too Many Stars"

Please, like there could ever be TOO many stars.

Play Sugar Rush Speedway At Litwak's Arcade

Oh, to sit down and play in a '90s arcade again. Another clever ad for Wreck-It Ralph.

How To Pose Like A Cosplayer Pro

Half of cosplay at Comic Con is mastering your pose. Here are the steps and tips to doing it well.

Rachel Bilson And Lana Del Rey Are Friends

And by friends I mean they rode the same ride at the same time at Universal Studios. This is another one of those celebrity magnetic attraction things happening.

Lego Version Of Felix Baumgartner's Record Jump

This has got to be some sort of record for quickest Lego parody of an event: watch as a Lego man jumps from a balloon hanging high in the air, just like Felix.

Red Bull Congratulates Felix Baumgartner With Faux Pas

After Felix Baumgartner landed safely yesterday, Red Bull congratulated the Austrian daredevil with some unintentional vulgarity.

The Amazing Story Of Kabang, The Hero Dog Without A Snout

Kabang is the coolest dog you will read about all day.

Matthew Fox Is Totally Jacked On The Cover Of Men's Fitness

Does his new buff self look hot or totally creepy?

13 Dos And Don'ts For Attending A Kentucky Horse Race

I spent a Friday afternoon at the Keeneland track in Kentucky — an enclave of parasols, bowties, and sequin hats.

Body Builder's Horrible Fake Tan Tops The Morning Links

You missed a spot. Plus, absurd super-sized fashion trends and athletes that look like animals.

34 Things You Can Expect From BuzzFeed Food

We're open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks you require in between. Happy Hour starts ... now.

Super Cute Kiddie Cosplayers At New York Comic Con

Adorable tykes and tots in delightful pop culture costumes. Plus some equally cute parents.

A Crucial International Soccer Match Sparked A Massive Riot In Africa

Players dodged projectiles and hid under riot shields.

Taylor Momsen Gets Naked In Her New Music Video

Sad panda Taylor Momsen is even sadder in this video for her band's — The Pretty Reckless — new video for "The Words." It's blurry, safe for work nudity, though.

Mana Del Rey

Better than the original. A+.

Jazz Hands Usher Is Happy

But, It wouldn't hurt if you lost those sunglasses.

Dreams From Their Fathers

In trying to understand both Obama and Romney, we've been trapped in their family histories. Flattering and selective.

Awful "How To Get Away With Rape" Flier Is Awful

Even if it is a joke, it's a very very very bad joke.

7 Fashion Rules For Watching The Space Shuttle

As the Space Shuttle Endeavour moved through Los Angeles to its new home at the California Science Center, locals watched wearing their most festive shuttle-themed attire.

WATCH: Gwyneth Paltrow & Cameron Diaz Rap For Chelsea Handler

The blonde bombshells throw down some serious beats while giving a tribute to Chelsea Handler

Chick-Fil-A Protest Sign

Snapped at the Atlanta Pride parade Saturday. NSFW.

Suit Cam View Of Felix Baumgartner's Jump

Here's some footage from the camera affixed to Felix Baumgartner's chest during his record-breaking jump: It's frightening how

Making Mitt: The Myth Of George Romney

The Republican nominee's father didn't walk out of the '64 convention. And George Romney didn't teach Mitt that you lose by being honest — he taught him that you change your positions to win.

Chamillionaire Tells Martha Raddatz To 'Keep It Gangsta' After VP Debate [VIDEO]

Vice presidential debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, impressed just about everyone Thursday night, including rapper Chamillionaire, after the ABC News' reporter name-checked his one-hit wonder "Ridin.'"

Kim Kardashian Shops For A Halloween Costume

Is she supposed to be a slutty leopard with human cleavage?

"Star Wars" As Medieval Manuscripts

Artist Chey Chao created these epic Star Wars illustrations for a school project. Neat.

Rosie Perez On Whether Romney Would Have It Easier If He Was Latino

"Actually..." is a new anti-Romney video series featuring monologues written and performed by celebrities, beginning with Rosie Perez addressing Romney's comments – from the 47% video – that he would have an easier time being elected if he was Latino. The group behind the series, the Jewish Council for Education and Research and the SuperPAC American Bridge, says the videos will address "Romney's most outrageous lies and most out-of-touch statements."

Aerial Nude Photography

From New Zealand photographer John Crawford, a series called Aerial Nudes. Technically not safe for work but your coworkers wou

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