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October 26, 2012

TED Talk's Hashtag Gets Trolled

A fake rumor started on Twitter that bikes were being stolen from outside the Toronto TEDx Talk. And then tossed into a pile of burning bicycles. Sounds believable.

Come Play Facebook's Most Dangerous Game

It's simple: 1) Open Facebook messages 2) Scroll all the way to the bottom 3) Post one of the first three messages you see. Either yours or others' — just blur the names where necessary. 2005 was a very, very different time.

The Raw Brains Taste Test

Watch a BuzzFeed editor eat goat, lamb, pig, chicken, and baby cow brains to determine which is tastiest. Turns out being a zombie wouldn't be so bad. (Warning: This is not a vegetarian-friendly post)

QVC Is Obsessed With Frankenstorm

The shopping network finds a way to put a price tag on the hybrid weather monster predicted to make landfall... soon.

"I'm A Feminist Because Of Jesus"

Rachel Held Evans has made some fellow evangelicals angry by trying to follow all the Bible's instructions for women (spoiler: some contradict each other).

Buzzword BS Detector

Watch three marketing drones get their heads shocked every time they utter hooey.

Valerie Jarrett Versus The Haters

Valerie Jarrett is one of the most influential women in America. Protective, fearless, dedicated: the controversial White House figure and Chicago titan is now yolo'ing on the homestretch to get her “little brother” re-elected.

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