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October 2, 2012

David Cross And Date Rape Tips [CLASSIC COMEDY OF THE DAY]

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Marissa Mayer Gives Birth To Baby Boy: Yahoo CEO's Short Maternity Leave Is A Big Mistake.

We all knew it was coming, and yet it’s still so exciting: Marissa Mayer’s baby has arrived! Yes, the Yahoo CEO’s husband sent the traditional tweet out into the Twittersphere Monday morning: "Mom and baby are doing great." And to think: Just a few …

Benedict Cumberbatch On Being The Hobbit‘s Second Andy Serkis

As we know or had at least assumed from limited knowledge, Andy Serkis will be reprising his role of Gollum in the upcoming The Hobbit films. But what, you must wonder, does it feel like for Benedict Cumberbatch to walk into the series as Andy Serki…

Pigs Eat 70-Year-old Oregon Farmer

COQUILLE, Ore., Oct. 2 (UPI) -- A 70-year-old farmer in Oregon was eaten by 700-pound pigs, but how he died is a mystery, authorities said.

Is This The Video Drudge Is Teasing?

It's from an Obama speech at Hampton University. It has been online since 2007, and was widely circulated in the conservative blogosphere at the time.

Britney Spears' Niece Dresses Up As Her


Bad Lip Reading Does Paul Ryan

"This is my band's new single."

Lindsay Lohan Reveals To Katie Couric That She's Been Bullied

Today on Katie Couric's day time show she interviewed Whitney Kropp, the 16-year-old girl nominated for homecoming queen as a joke to raise awareness about bullying. Lindsay must have been watching because she opened up to Katie on twitter about her bullied past.

Stop-Motion Lego Dr. Strangelove

Two sequences from Dr. Strangelove done in Lego. This is really well done. (via bb)

Rihanna News - Rihanna And Chris Brown Make Out At NYC Nightclub, Says Eyewitness (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

It looks like music's most notoriously on-and-off couple are back on. Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at celebrity hotspot Griffin, a New York City nightclub, getting hot and heavy on the danc …

10 Notoriously Disastrous Musical Performances

Musicians make mistakes, too. They’re only human, after all. But that doesn’t stop us from delighting in a bit of good-natured Schadenfreude when a performance devolves into a total train wreck. This week has seen its share of disappointment when it…

Strange, Very Unusual Things :

The latest viral buzz from

Vanessa Hudgens: Halloween Horror Nights Is So Fun!

“It’s October 1st and thought I’d share some of my pics from Halloween Horror Nights. Was sooooo much funnnnnn!!” Vanessa wrote. Check out her pics on her blog.

5 Famous Video Game Villains (Who Are Actually The Victim)

Even in the nonsense world of video games, the existence of "boss" enemies is pretty weird. It's usually some giant monster wandering aimlessly around a lair, protecting some artifact the hero needs. Bosses seem to serve no other purpose in life, an…

Mitt Romney Deft Debater Vs. Mitt Romney Derpy Debater

Which one will show up tomorrow night for his first round with President Obama?

Introducing Sad Natalie Portman

Why so sad Natalie?

Nail Biters Now Are Officially Diagnosed As OCD

The American Psychiatric Association is now classifying nail biting in the same category as obsessive compulsive disorder. Uh oh.

Dwight Howard Is An Amazing Farter

This may be the only thing that could torpedo the Lakers season.

The Ginger Bread Man

AKA costume of the YEAR.

The 26 Weirdest Photos From NBA Media Day

It was a strange, strange day filled with costumes, green screens, and dancing.

Back Off, Boss: Cute Kitten Videos May Improve Work Performance

Got caught at work playing Kittenwar or cooing over a puppy cam? No problem: tell your manager you were only trying to improve your attention to detail. In a series of experiments, a new study shows that viewing cute images enhances performance on t…

You Are Stuck (20 Photos) :

#16 Makes me sad. I just tried to save a dog that had gotten stuck in a similar position trying to climb out of an iron bar gate. He had gotten stuck halfway through and his entire weight was on his abdomen. I got a phone call to help lift the dog…

What A Crappy Evening In 1998 Looked Like

Are you ready to be infuriated?

Meet The First Characters From Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. And Then Guess Which Whedonverse Actors Will Play Them

Joss Whedon has already made it clear that his S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot for ABC will function autonomously from the larger, more expensive Marvel Universe, featuring all-new characters that won't interact with the superheroes and Samuel L. Jacksons of the…

Dead Or Alive 5 Review For PS3, 360 From

For the best Reviews of Dead or Alive 5 for PS3, 360, check out this page on

'Two & A Half Men' Star Melanie Lynskey Files For Divorce From 'Always Sunny' Actor

"Two and a Half Men" star Melanie Lynskey -- who plays the neighbor Rose on the show -- has filed for divorce from her "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star…

Kim Kardashian Shoved Her Cleavage Towards These Cameras

Kim Kardashian competing with her family in The 2012 South Florida Dragon Boat Festival in Miami. (September 29, 2012) -Photo: INFdaily

What Happens When Cats Trip?

They think they're the best thing since sliced bread. And other groovy stuff.

Jennifer Lopez Sat Her Completely Bored Daughter In The Front Row Of A Fashion Show

In Paris. She's four. That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Obama Campaign Misspells "Congressional"

About 1:56 into the Obama campaign's new video they cited the "Congrssional" Budget Office.

23 Moments From Your Childhood That Always Made You Cry

WARNING! They may just make you cry again.

Where Googlers Get Sassy

Where Googlers hate on their own kind — and pay respect to Steve Jobs. An exclusive look at more images from Google's secret mockery machine.

News Anchor's Emotional Response To Viewer Who Called Her Obese

"If you are at home and talking about the fat news lady, guess what? Your children are probably going to go to school and call someone fat."

Interspecies Hookups

What happens when a lion and a jaguar get together? Or a horse and a zebra?

Shhh: Reporters Can't Talk About The Secret, Fun Mitt Romney

Off the record, he's loose as a goose and sort of endearing. "We can't show a side of him that exists," complains a member of his press corps.

"Breaking Dawn" Horrible Final Poster And Other Links

Did they let the producer's teenager photoshopped this together as a prank? Plus, video game villains who were secretly victims and America doesn't know who killed Lincoln.

11 Handmade Vibrator Cozies You Can Own

Made by crafters who really put the "do-it-yourself" back in DIY.

Meet Alexander Rhodes, The Movie Extra That Reddit Made Famous

Thanks to a weird combo of Reddit upvotes and IMDb ranking actors by internet traffic, Alexander Rhodes is more “famous” than Tom Cruise.

Correlation Does Not Imply Causation: How The Internet Fell In Love With A Stats-class Cliché.

Depressed people send more email. They spend more time on Gchat. Researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology recently assessed some college students for signs of melancholia then tracked their behavior online. "We identified sev…

A Chat With Fran Lebowitz

Since the 1970s, writer Fran Lebowitz has been one of New York City's most important social critics. In 2010, HBO aired Public Speaking, a Martin Scorsese-directed documentary in which Lebowitz opines with characteristic trenchancy on everything fro…

Rapper Kicked Out Of Microsoft Store Event After Yelling "F*ck These Computers And Sh*t"

"Suck my dick! Fuck these computers and shit! Let's gang bang these hoes!" Try Windows 8?

Tremors Are Real

Scientists have discovered something called "The Devil Worm" deep beneath the Earth. This sucker is the deepest living animal known to man. It can withstand extreme heat and pressure, and also chew through your dreamcatcher.

What Did Lady Gaga Wear Today? (Elizabeth Hurley Edition)

She wore a dress made famous by Liz Hurley decades ago in Milan today. Fab or drab?

Obama Campaign Removes "Lady Parts" Image

The campaign took down the e-card referencing voters' "lady parts" from its Tumblr after conservative media outlets noticed. The item "did not go through our regular review," says an aide.

Louis Farrakhan's Grandson Was Just Signed By The Milwaukee Bucks

Mustapha Farrakhan, Jr. can both orate (we assume) and dunk all over your face.

Famous "New Yorker" Cover Reimagined Using Apple Maps

Hilarious. Mad magazine wins the week.

The World's Largest Fritos Chili Pie

635 bags of chips, 660 cans of chili and 580 bags of shredded cheese. That's 5,000 servings and a whole lot of America.

Adorable Baby Red Pandas Reveal Themselves For The First Time

The rare red pandas were born in June at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo just outside of London. The twin little girls decided to show themselves to the world today, and they did NOT disappoint.

Bar Refaeli Seeks Random Dude To Join Her In A Sex Tape

Or girl! But I'll stop you right there — it's a Funny Or Die video for a fake Kickstarter account. (I suppose you can still dream about it, though!)

Tyler Hoechlin Is The Grumpy Cat

Tyler and Tard are doppelgängers.

11 Virtuoso Violin Pieces You Must Hear Before You Die

There's a reason why classical music has stuck around for so long. This takes slightly more practice than dubstep.

12 Actors Who Played Two TV Characters At Once

As we recently learned via an interview with Mindy Kaling at Entertainment Weekly, the return of Kelly Kapoor to The Office before the end of the final season isn’t out of the realm of possibility, which would be nice considering her rather anti-cli…

As Debates Loom, Romney Grasps For A Closing Argument

Everywhere he goes lately, Barack Obama begins his stump speech with a story about a four-year-old boy named Sammy. The tale comes from Sammy’s parents, who brought him along when they met Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina. There was a picture o…

14 Easy Ways To Recycle, Repurpose, And Revive Your Old Makeup

Admit it — you hardly ever use up a makeup product anyway. So why not save a buck and turn your eyeshadow into nail polish, and fix that cracked bronzer palette instead of throwing it out or spilling it everywhere?

Benghazi Could Be Debate Focus

On the day before the first presidential debate, Chairman Darrell Issa drops a letter claiming the administration didn't respond to a "pattern of security threats" in Benghazi. Will Lehrer ask? He can, says the Commission.

Allen West's Opponent Accuses Him Of Torture In TV Ad

Democrat Patrick Murphy runs an ad about West's controversial handling of an Iraqi prisoner. A slugfest.

Can A Cookie Contest Predict The Election?

In four of the last five elections, the husband of Family Circle's First Lady cookie contest winner has become president. Will Michelle Obama's latest victory over Ann Romney continue the trend, or did Cindy McCain's 2008 win break the streak?

A Fan Art Guide To "Supernatural"

In honor of Wednesday's premiere of Season 8, we've put together this handy guide to the fandom's ships.

Human Flesh Meat Market Opens In London

It's to promote Resident Evil 6. The meat is edible.

Hockey Player Celebrates Goal, Accidentally Jumps Through Glass

He seems totally okay...well, except for his ego. But otherwise totally okay.

"Republicans Needed" — for $50 And Free Lunch — For Virginia Town Hall

The group Comeback America, which encourages citizen engagement, posted this ad to Craigslist. Just another sign that Northern Virginia is solidly blue, and a challenge for the GOP in the state.

Batman And Spock Playing The Drums

Live long and rock out! Leonard Nimoy and Adam West were some hip cats.

Foo Fighters Announce Indefinite Hiatus

I mean, let's be real, they'll probably get back together, but for now they're on a break.

Political Party Picker

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The Very Best Of The 2012 NBA Media Day

Yesterday marked the first meaningless burp of the 2012-13 NBA season, as players casually took their time arriving to their respective arenas to be prepped for clichés and generic positive statements about their chances this year, as part of the 20…

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Trailer: Sex, Marriage And Arizona's Road To Recovery (Video)

The rescue is on. While the Grey's Anatomy season nine premiere picked up 30 days after the plane crash that claimed the lives of Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Mark (Eric Dane), Thursday's second episode will flash back to the site of the crash offering…

Slutty Bee Evolution

This lady really needs to get a new Halloween costume.

Pythias Brown: Fomer TSA Agent Says Stealing From Pasenger Bags Is Common

A former Transportation Security Administration agent who spent three years in jail for stealing from passenger luggage told ABC News that the practice “was very commonplace.” Pythias Brown, who worked at Newark International Airport, said he stole …

Website Pagination: Stories Should Load Into A Single Page Every Time.

Slate’s editorial guidelines call for articles to be split into multiple pages once they hit the 1,000-word mark, so I have to keep this brief: Splitting articles and photo galleries into multiple pages is evil. It should stop. Pagination is one of …

Barack Obama Loses Powerful Scott Stapp Endorsement

Creed frontman and one of the more salient political thinkers of our time, Scott Stapp, appeared on Fox & Friends to explain why he is no longer endorsing Barack Obama for President. TALK ABOUT AN OCTOBER SURPRISE! This is obviously a devastating bl…

The 6 Most Shameful DIY Sex Toys On The Internet

Who am I, a man who openly admits to having wiped his ass with bread and leaving it at a public school, to call something shameful? Well, as I explored the site it became clear that the rabbit hole of low budget depravity was deep indeed. Deep and l…

The Best YouTube Comments EVAR!!

Usually Youtube comments are horrible, but sometimes something magical happens and a comment changes the whole video.

Indiana Jones: The Animated Adventures

Oh how we wish the charming concept art by Patrick Schoenmaker was a real show.

Sam Rockwell And Colin Farrell Attend Movie Premiere In Matching Christopher Walken Shirts

Walken buzz! The best part is when the actual Christopher Walken posed alongside Sam Rockwell.

Joe Biden: The Middle Class "Has Been Buried The Last Four Years"

Speaking in Charlotte, North Carolina the Vice President said the middle class "has been buried the last four years."

The 5 Craziest Things Metta World Peace Said On NBA Media Day

The NBA's craziest player wasted no time reasserting his stranglehold on that title.

First Look! Smorgasbord Of New "Lone Ranger" Stills

Plus the official teaser poster! Never take off the mask.

6 Things You Should Know About Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

The indie rap phenoms behind the viral hit "Thrift Shop" obviously like bargain shopping, but did you know they also love pizza parties?

K-Fed Out Shopping At Whole Foods

What Kevin Federline looks like today. Fab or drab?

Aaron Paul For "Manhattan"

He is the gift that keeps giving.

How Social Inequality Could Screw Up Your Sex Life

A new study reveals that endorsing social hierarchies make people less likely to ask for what they want in bed — and this could impact what kind of protection they use.

FIVE-STEP DROP: How Much Credit Does Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien Deserve?

Terranova: Who likes answering a question with a rhetorical question? But seriously, O’Brien has done an impressive job at Penn State to earn three straight wins after starting 0-2. Coach of the Year may be a stretch at this point with the biggest w…

Quiz: Which Is Cuter?

Are you good at figuring out what's cute and what's cuter? Take this quiz to test your skillz.

46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear

The world of do-it-yourself jewelry has really stepped up its game. Thanks to all the creative craft bloggers out there, you can learn how to make the kind of jewelry you see in boutiques — and start sporting arm parties in no time.

Big Ear Of Corn: Then & Now

It's like she hasn't aged at all!

Scott Stapp Quasi-Endorses Romney

Though he voted for Obama in '08, this crucial tastemaker says he's embracing Mitt Romney with arms wide open.

"Lilo & Stitch" Deleted Scene Took On Racism

If you lived here, you'd understand. Living your life as a tourist attraction takes its toll.

Chinese Efficiency Is A Myth

There is an element of truth here. While the U.S. can’t figure out how to refurbish its sagging infrastructure, China is able to construct new airports, bridges and roads at will. That’s what happens when you remove the vast majority of your populat…

Seth MacFarlane, Oscars Host? The Pros And The Cons

Yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that Seth MacFarlane will host next year’s Academy Awards. Yes, that Seth MacFarlane. And yes, those Oscars. The ones about the movies.

Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Was Arrested Because She Kissed A Girl

Meanwhile, Paris retweeted on Tuesday, "RT @HurricaneCari: Best vegas trip yet!! thank you @ParisHilton @ChadsTracks @RiverViiper @barronhilton @VanessaDuBasso @mgmgrand love u."

GWAR Covers Kansas | Music

GWAR "Fate Or Chaos Tour" With DevilDriver, Cancer Bats and Legacy of Disorder 10/12: Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory 10/13: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium ("Rock and Shock") 10/14: Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall 10/15: New Haven…

Sony Continues To Expand Its Strong Digital Sales Push

The simultaneous PSN release of October's biggest games isn't all Sony has up its sleeve.

How Ernest Hemingway Probably Got Free Beer For Life

He wrote a letter from Cuba to Ballantine Beer. Whoa, ease up on the hyperbole there, Papa.

Dear Prudence: Will My Sexual Fetish Cause My Girlfriend To Break Up With Me?

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the chat is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send questi…

11 Of The Nerdiest Winter Storm Names

The Weather Channel has announced it will name this winter's noteworthy storms. Here, their dorkiest picks. (And yes, we're aware many of these are historical/literary/mythological figures.)

Cartoon Network Turned 20 In The Best Way Possible

Because everyone knows that classic Cartoon Network > classic Nickelodeon.

"Mittformer" Action Figure Mocks Romney Flip-Flopping

"Mittformer, the power to change at super-speeds. / Mittformer, the ability to say whatever he needs."

Who Showed Up To The Obama Fundraiser In Paris Last Night?

A truly random assortment of celebrities, that's who. I like to imagine them all in one room talking about the weather.

Photographs Capture What Birds See Tops The Morning Links

A "bird's eye view" has never been so literal. Plus, monsters you never knew were real and extreme oatmeal.

How To Plan Your Divorce On Pinterest In 17 Steps

It's not just for weddings anymore, you guys!

Fashionable Jumping Spiders

Haven't you heard? Dew-drop hats are all the rage this season!

Watch An Entire Stadium Celebrate A Win In Song

It's chill-inducing, and I don't even like this song.

Obama Gives Adorable Crowd-Surfing Kid High-Five

This new king of the playground is never washing that right hand.

'Kony 2012' Director Jason Russell To Break Silence About Public Masturbation Incident On 'Oprah's Next Chapter'

Jason Russell, the director behind one of the most successful viral videos in history who was detained for allegedly masturbating in public and vandalizing cars this spring, will break his silence in an upcoming episode of Oprah's Next Chapter.

WATCH: Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage

Someone call the CDC, Bieber fever is real. And who better to display the first symptoms than the man-child himself? Vomiting and retching took center stage (pun intended) during Bieber's Sept. 29 concert in Glendale, Arizona.

All The James Bonds Cover British GQ

The six most suave British men to have ever lived all get a cover on one of the six GQ James Bond special editions.

Kids In The Hall Fans Confess Their Weird Secrets

The Tumblr Kids In The Hall Confessions collects fans' secret fellings about the best TV show ever. Turns out a lot of people found the guys really hot in drag.

Tim Gunn The Grouch

Or at least I assume that was the look he's going for in this picture he posed for when he was on the set of Sesame Street.

Bar Refaeli's Sex Tape Kickstarter From Bar Refaeli, Scott Gairdner, And Funny Or Die

Bar Refaeli announces her new Kickstarter campaign to watch and possibly even be in her sex tape, that is if she can get enough backers who might be interested in that sort of thing.

Massachusetts Front Pages: No Clear Winner In Senate Debate

The front pages didn't give the Brown-Warren Senate debate to either candidate as the horserace enters October.

How To Melt Your Brain With A Single Piece Of Paper

IT JUST KEEPS FOLDING. Meet the Hexaflexagon.

Seth Meyers Could Use A Nap

I think having two Saturday Night Live shows in a week might be taking a toll on the host of "Weekend Update."

Godspeed You! Black Emperor's New Album Already Leaked

The Canadian band announced their first record in a decade, and then almost immediately, it turned up online. It's as atmospheric and epic as you'd expect, so that's good.

Christina Aguilera May Have Taken A Little Inspiration From Beyoncé

Aguilera's new song, "Your Body," has gotten a lot of attention as her long overdue comeback single. But wait — haven't we seen a few scenes in the song's music video before? There are no new ideas, after all.

Liam Neeson Strips Down On "Ellen"

The 60-year-old star of Taken 2 helped raise over $20,000 for breast cancer awareness.

Sunnunu: "I'm Not A Big Believer In Zingers"

"...unless they're fact based."

Stephen Colbert Reporting On "Good Morning America" In 1997

I'm sorry, Steve Colbert. ...are we in some kind of bizzarro universe?

Rebel Wilson Sings "Edge Of Glory" On The "Tonight Show"

Watch as Bryan Cranston is invited to join in but clearly doesn't know the words.

Why I Needed To Witness The Greatness Of Prince

I felt compelled to buy a pricey ticket to see Prince in Chicago — even though I struggle to pay my rent.

Funny New Adobe Photoshop Tool

Now you can display MSG in CMYK. Watch "Photoshop's New Chinese Food Tool" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor

E.L. James Should Just Cast Herself In Fifty Shades Of Grey

No, that’s completely misreported,” she says. There were reports that her husband had spilled the beans on her dream casting choice. “What happened is that his local paper, he’s from Northern Ireland, there’s a newspaper there called the Belfast Tel…

More Details On Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman's Wedding! (AND More Details On Anne Hathaway's Wedding Dress, With Creepy Pics!)

Anne Hathaway and Adum Shulman kept their wedding low-key on several levels. (But they splurged on a couple things!)...

Olivia Wilde At The Global Citizen Festival caught up with Olivia Wilde during the Global Citizen Festival to talk rock 'n' roll and raising awareness for Half the Sky, a documentary that advocates for action against the oppression of women worldwide.

Miley Cyrus Is Doin’ A Dang Ol’ Lifetime Movie

Thanks to The Hunger Games becoming a Twilight-esque cash cow, Miley Cyrus has to remind Liam Hemsworth who (doesn’t) wear the pants around here so he doesn’t start gettin’ ideas of stickin’ his porcupine in other cooters. Which is why on top of rec…

13 International Landmarks Spectacularly Lit Up In Pink

From New York to New Zealand, buildings light up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

New Anti-Obama Ad Cites Out-Dated Economic Figure

The president got a symbolic boost from revised jobs numbers. Not official yet, however.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: The Screen Makes It The Best E-Reader Yet

The latest E Ink Kindle adds illumination, more pixels and improved contrast to do a better job than ever of competing with good old paper -- and trounce the e-reader competition.

92 PHOTOS] The Girls Of Miss BumBum Brasil 2012

Last year we introduced you all to an amazing competition called Miss BumBum Brazil–essentially a search for the finest Brazilian booty. Luckily for everyone, the competition is back in 2012 with some amazing new talent. As was the case last year, t…

Brittany Kerr APOLOGIZES For Jason Aldean Hookup -- 'Lapse In Judgment'

Brittany Kerr has issued an apology for getting up close and personal with married country singer Jason Aldean ... chalking the whole thing up to a…

Solange's New Song "Losing You" Is Fantastic

Beyoncé's little sister hung out with the "Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance" in Capetown, South Africa for the video. They are, indeed, quite elegant.

Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ Theme: Hear A 90-Second Preview

Can’t wait until October 4 at the precise time of 7:07 p.m. ET to hear Adele‘s “Skyfall”? No worries! A 90-second snippet of her James Bond theme has surfaced. And from this tiny sample, it’s very Bond-y, both sultry and grand. It starts with minima…

One Direction News - One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Talks 'Take Me Home,' Liam's New Hair Cut And Collaborating With Psy (EXCLUSIVE)

Louis Tomlinson is often referred to as the jokester of One Direction, but the 20-year-old sensation tells Celebuzz that when it comes to the band, he's fiercely protective. "I will definitely de …

It’s Still Too Early To Celebrate The Euro Zone’s Recovery

It’s astonishing, but everyone is behaving as though the euro crisis were over. Long-term bond yields are bellwethers of investor confidence. And over the past few months, yields on 10-year Spanish bonds have fallen from 7.5% to 6%, while those on s…

Two Cats In A Frying Pan

A conceptual piece by the the legendary Shironeko and a member of his entourage. And a frying pan.

Sesame Street Parodies Boardwalk Empire, Adorably

Sesame Street, that most cutting purveyor of cultural critique, has released a new parody of HBO's violence-and-sex-soaked gangster series, Boardwalk Empire—but with birds! Birdwalk Empire features all of the gritty drama of the source material, onl…

Gotye Wouter Wally De Backer Interview

Whether it's blasting at a local bodega or being massacred at dive karaoke bars around the world, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" (featuring Kimbra) remains to be an inescapable triumph. Perhaps it's the playful clinking of a xylophone, the v…

Soooo…. You Got Wasted (31 Photos) :

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com. Follow Mac on twitter here. ...

Interview: The Resident Evil 6 Masterminds On Zombies, Remakes And The Nature Of Horror From

1UP: I'd like to read a quote: "It's not like you can just open fire and have fun here. You have to think a lot. Chris can only carry six items, and Jill eight, just like the old games. You have to think about whether you should bring your ammo or h…

iPhone Vs. Android: So What?

It all comes down to what you value, and your consuming mentality will revolve around those values and those preferences. Not everyone values the same things. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Dear Prudence: My Boss Made Me Have An Affair With Him. He’s Now A Politician. Should I Go Public With What Happened?

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the chat is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send questi…

Rare Meningitis Outbreak Leaves 2 Dead

(Newser) – A rare outbreak of fungal meningitis has killed two Tennesseans and infected 11 more, prompting an investig…

James Bond Skyfall Theme Song By Adele Audio Clip

Word that Adele would be singing the theme song for Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie, hit late last night/this morning, and was of limited importance to me as I’m not a 15-year-old girl or a 30-year-old mopey cat lady, but now there’s an audio c…

The Only "Doctor Who" Recap You'll Ever Need @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Kristin Cavallari Tweets About Filming Guest Spot On The League

While the show's producers are being sued, FX's The League promises to feature plenty of NFL cameos, including Jay Cutler's girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari.

Before Resident Evil, There Was Sweet Home From

f you were to map the genome of the Resident Evil series, the most obvious starting place would be George Romero's seminal horror film Night of the Living Dead. The cinematic masterpiece created the language that nearly all zombie fiction after it …

Kendra Wilkinson At A Release Party ‘Mortal Kombat’

Kendra Wilkinson at a release party for the new 'Mortal Kombat' game at Lure nightclub in Hollywood. (September 28, 2012) -Photo: Pacific Coast News

Chris Brown & Rihanna — Twitter Love Messages Get Intense

Chris and Rihanna seem to be sending messages to one another on Twitter again -- this time their practically begging one another to make a move! Read for more details! Chris Brown and Rihanna are not bashful when it comes to using Twitter.

Suspicious Package Found To Be Board Game

SUNDSVALL, Sweden, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- Swedish police responding to a report of a suspicious package in an airport trash can said they discovered the object was found to be a board game.

8 Religions That Use Psychedelic Sacraments

Can you take me higher? To a place where blind men see.

Super-Rich Private Equity Crybabies Vs. Obama

In this week's New Yorker, Chrystia Freeland writes about how the ultra-rich have taken a dislike to President Obama and his anti-business policy and rhetoric, even though the President "has served the rich quite well". This article is infuriating, …

Tim Goodman On Oscars Host Seth MacFarlane

There’s no doubt that having Seth MacFarlane host the 2013 Academy Awards is a big bowl of interesting. That decision will have people talking. Whether it will have them watching is another story.

TLC Singer T-Boz -- I'm Getting A Reality Show ... On TLC

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins -- best known for being one-third of 90's girl group TLC -- is getting her own reality show ... and the network making it happen --…

‘RHONJ’ Reunion: Jacqueline Laurita Proves Teresa Giudice Set Up Melissa Gorga

Part one of the Real Houswives of New Jersey reunion was apparently the tip of the iceberg for the three-part throwdown. But from Lauren Manzo swearing at Teresa Giudice to the always-poised Kathy Wakile going crazy on Tre, we can’t imagine it getti…

Lena Dunham Is Utterly Adorable For ASOS

High marks, all around! But we must ask, fab or drab?

Romney Mocks Debate Punditry

"In my view, it's not so much about winning and losing," he says. But he'd still like to win.

Brown And Warren Tear Through The Oppo Book

In their second debate, the Senate candidates attack each other on all of the non-policy issues. David Gregory fanned the flames.

10 Bizarre Interiors Inspired By Pop Culture

“ [...] finally, Flavorwire excerpts from “Mooning: A Short Cultural History” the list... ” How to Be Inappropriate round-up: Popdose, Bookgasm, Book Design, Flavo…

'Glee' Adds Canadian Actor-Singer As New Lead Warbler

Nolan Gerard Funk is putting on the Warblers blazer. The Canadian actor-singer is heading to Fox's Glee, where he'll play the new frontman for the all-male Warblers, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

'Beasts Of The Southern Wild' Cast Deemed Ineligible For SAG Awards (Exclusive)

Beasts of the Southern Wild, the critically acclaimed indie drama that Fox Searchlight is positioning as a major awards contender, has been ruled ineligible for the Screen Actors Guild Awards because it was not made under the terms of SAG Low Budget…

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion: Jacqueline Laurita Says Teresa Giudice Caught Joe Cheating

Plus, Caroline Manzo tells Teresa she'll "end up alone" during part two of the reunion show

NFL Player Partakes In The "Meow" Game On SportsCenter

He's the Falcon's pajamas. Watch "NFL Player Partakes in the "Meow" Game on SportsCenter" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor

Christina Aguilera Billboard Interview: I'm A "Fat Girl, Get Over It"

Christina Aguilera is no longer letting record executives decide what she looks like. The pop star, who has recently been flaunting a curvier figure, first faced backlash for gaining weight when she was 21 years old. At the time, she was told that h…

Breaking Amish News: Jeremiah Raber 'Broke Amish' 14 Years Go

Kate gets to go crazy pole dancing on Breaking Amish this week. Also Jeremiah Raber’s ex-wife speaks out.

Selena Gomez News - Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo (PHOTO)

The Disney darling recently added to her body art during a visit tattoo artist to the stars, Bang Bang, in his Lower East Side storefront in NYC. Gomez got the Roman numeral LXXVI — which stands for 76 — inked on the nape of her neck.

Kim Kardashian News - Kylie Jenner Borrows Big Sis' Kim Kardashian's Dress For Photoshoot (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to borrowing from her older sisters’ designer-filled closets (who came blame her?). The 15-year-old model even shops her big sisters' closets for photoshoots, recently …

10 New Must-Reads For October

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

The 15 Albums You Need To Hear In October

After a bumper month in September, the good news is that there’s a heap more good albums due in October — especially tomorrow, which is shaping up as one of the busiest/best release dates of the year. Hurrah! As we do every month, we’ve devoted ours…

The Art Of Typewriter Repair

“ [...] finally, Flavorwire excerpts from “Mooning: A Short Cultural History” the list... ” How to Be Inappropriate round-up: Popdose, Bookgasm, Book Design, Flavo…

The Most Beautiful Coffee Shops In The World

From humble beginnings in a garage, Coava has evolved to become one of the most respected coffee purveyors in an ultra-picky Portland java scene. As their site explains, “raw coffee is at the heart of what we do. We strive to create beautiful roast …

Stylish Cover Designs For Hogwarts Textbooks

“ [...] finally, Flavorwire excerpts from “Mooning: A Short Cultural History” the list... ” How to Be Inappropriate round-up: Popdose, Bookgasm, Book Design, Flavo…

10 Films Surprisingly Created Without CGI

Legendary horror director Joe Dante is one of those filmmakers, and his movie The Hole hits Blu-ray tomorrow. The tale about a family that discovers they have a gateway to hell in their basement features old-school puppetry and other physical effect…

Anne Hathaway Marries Adam Shulman In Big Sur

It's already been quite a year for Anne Hathaway, but the star of Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Hugh Jackman film Les Misérables has more than box office numbers to be happy about. The 29-year-old actress married her beau of nearly four years, …

'Dexter' Postmortem: Who's Dexter's Biggest Threat? Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter Sound Off (Video)

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the seventh season premiere of Dexter.] "Are You …?" "Yes." After muttering those words, Dexter's Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) learned the full truth about her foster brother: that Dexter Morgan (M…

Comics Legend Grant Morrison Unveils DC's Multiversity Story

Grant Morrison is ready to unleash his Lord of the Rings. Or Use Your Illusion or Citizen Kane, depending on the analogy the iconic comics author is using.

Boyfriend Tells Police He Killed College Freshman

(BUFFALO, N.Y.) — Friends of a college freshman who police say was beaten to death in her dorm room by her boyfriend rallied others Monday to wear purple to raise domestic violence awareness, and her family mourned the loss of a “bright, beautiful y…

Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage During First Show Of 'Believe' Tour (Video)

Justin Bieber kicked off his "Believe" tour Saturday night in Glendale, Arizona; and the "Baby" singer wasn't about to let a little stomach bug interfere with his performance. About halfway through the show, during a performance of "Out Of Town Gir…

“Moonshine River” | The Simpsons

So the story stinks. And Springfield’s singular quirkiness doesn’t save the episode. The first line of the 24th season is from the town’s leading TV reporter: “This is Kent Brockman at the first annual Springfield Grand Prix, which, like all of our …

6 Wedding Dresses Inspired By Anne Hathaway's! Which Would You Wear?

Fine, we don’t know exactly what Anne Hathaway’s wedding dress looked like, but based on the blurry photos, I think I have a pretty good idea....

Raf Simons' Christian Dior Ready-To-Wear Debut

More Dior to discuss: DIOR COUTURE! Raf Simons's Debut Collection Hits The Runway Obsessed With This Dress: Kerry Washington In Christian Dior From Runway to Red Carpet: Jessica Biel in Dior

RHONJ Reunion: What Explosive, OMFG Moment Was The Most Uncomfortable For YOU To Watch?

If you watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, then you know that the reunion was going to be explosive. Teresa had a lot to own up to and everyone from her sister-in-law Melissa to Caroline, the biggest "bully" of them all was going …


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Why Does Autumn Have Two Names? How The Third Season Became Both “autumn” And “fall.”

Before it was autumn and fall, it was harvest. While the modern names of winter and summer have been around for more than 1000 years, the names of fall and spring are more recent—and less constant. This is partly because the two seasons were long vi…

Anne Hathaway Marries Adam Shulman In Picturesque Big Sur Ceremony

It comes following news that the Dark Knight Rises star had hired Natalie Portman’s wedding planner to help her hash out her perfect nuptials.

Eric Dane: Shirtless In Beverly Hills After ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exit

Eric Dane: Shirtless in Beverly Hills After ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exit

Robert Pattinson Attends Black Keys Concert At Sayers Club!

Robert Pattinson poses with 987FM morning show host Kennedy at a private Black Keys concert held at the Sayers Club on Sunday (September 30) in Los Angeles.

Johnny Lewis' Dad -- I Exhausted All Resources To Save My Son

Johnny Lewis' father tried to help his son multiple times before his death ... telling TMZ he believed Johnny's last stint in a treatment center was…

‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Ending: Ashley Greene Reveals ‘Twilight’ Twist

Ashley spoke to EXCLUSIVELY about the big twist at the end of the 'Twilight' series -- we're SO excited to see what it's all about!Ashley Greene is one of the hottest stars in Twilight, and she's revealing a big secret about the co…

US General: We're 'Mad As Hell' About Insider Attacks

(Newser) – The US is "mad as hell" over the rash of green-on-blue attacks it's facing in Afghanistan, the top US comma…

Netanyahu's Top Donors Show Mitt The Money

(Newser) – Benjamin Netanyahu hasn't done such a great job concealing that he'd prefer a President Romney to President…

Seth MacFarlane Breaks The Exciting Oscars News To His Dad [VIDEO]

Seth MacFarlane's dad is not that impressed.

Looper A Hit, Hotel Transylvania Breaks Records, Box Office Up

There was a feeling that Sandler’s brand was weakened following the underwhelming performance of Jack and Jill ($74.2 million) and the disastrous run of That’s My Boy ($36.9 million), but that appears to have been overblown. The product, not Sandler…

Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Kathy Wakile Gets A Nosejob!

Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo weren't the only ones to have their looks discussed on Sunday's epic Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show. As it turns out, Giudice's cousin, Kathy Wakile, recently had a surprise nose job and also received li…

Debate Prep Day One: Keep It Simple, Stupid

Obama’s basically too smart for us, so goes the campaign’s pre-debate spin. Carney: POTUS tendency to explain a “liability.” Psaki: he's “shortening” answers.

Brilliant Craigslist Ad From A College Kid

The student wants you to pay for the privilege of naming her Wal-Mart fish (pictured, watching fish porn).

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