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October 2, 2012

Tremors Are Real

Scientists have discovered something called "The Devil Worm" deep beneath the Earth. This sucker is the deepest living animal known to man. It can withstand extreme heat and pressure, and also chew through your dreamcatcher.

Obama Campaign Removes "Lady Parts" Image

The campaign took down the e-card referencing voters' "lady parts" from its Tumblr after conservative media outlets noticed. The item "did not go through our regular review," says an aide.

Benghazi Could Be Debate Focus

On the day before the first presidential debate, Chairman Darrell Issa drops a letter claiming the administration didn't respond to a "pattern of security threats" in Benghazi. Will Lehrer ask? He can, says the Commission.

Quiz: Which Is Cuter?

Are you good at figuring out what's cute and what's cuter? Take this quiz to test your skillz.

46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear

The world of do-it-yourself jewelry has really stepped up its game. Thanks to all the creative craft bloggers out there, you can learn how to make the kind of jewelry you see in boutiques — and start sporting arm parties in no time.

Tim Gunn The Grouch

Or at least I assume that was the look he's going for in this picture he posed for when he was on the set of Sesame Street.

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