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October 12, 2012

Unmasking The Ultimate Troll

A great companion piece to our story on the Reddit co-founder's political ambitions. The site can be a dark, dark place.

The Best Of "The Claire Danes Cry Face Project"

This tumblr has a simple mission: "When Claire Danes cries on film, we document it."

World's Fastest Baby Stroller

When gizmo-maker Colin Furze became a dad, he decided to add a little speed to a baby stroller. He's trying to break the top speed record (because of course there's one of those) by hitting 50mph.

How The Giant Eyeball Made It To A Florida Beach

The discovery of a giant eyeball in Pompano Beach, Florida, has raised questions about its origins. We have the (fictional) answers.

Cat And Guinea Pig BFFs

We take a very short break from our continuing hedgehog coverage to bring you this cat and guinea pig who are best friends. They are called Skitty and Bagel, and they love each other very much. (via

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