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October 27, 2012

A Bunch Of Famous People Attended The Same Halloween Party Last Night

Let's judge all of their intricate, expensive-looking costumes!

GOP Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Laments Working Mothers

"This isn’t the politically correct thing to say, but..."

28 Photos You Need To See Before The Frankenstorm

Essential reading before the Frankenstorm washes the world away.

The Eternal Life Of 'Twilight' In Forks, Washington

On the same road trip where I photographed Roswell and Area 51, I also spent a couple days in Forks, Washington, the setting of the Twilight series. Forks is a small town, about 3,500 people, and the chief industry is timber. Along the main road…

Barack Obama Tries To Show He Wants It

An exclamation mark on his slogan, and his stump speech. "He already won it — I just feel it," says a supporter.

20 Photos From The Whitest Music Festival Ever

The Sensation dance music festival just hit NYC and brought its all-white dress code with it. Think any of these people who went packed a bleach pen?

Movie Cats Improves Iconic Movie Scenes By Adding Cats

A cat-mazing series of posters by illustrator Brian Kirk for the MovieCat app. You can buy copies of these prints here on Etsy.

10 Ways To Stay Entertained When The Power Goes Out

As your parents used to tell you, only boring people get bored.

Hurricane Forces Romney To Cancel Virginia Swing

Will join Ryan in Ohio instead.

Extremely Earnest Children Sing Of Romneypocalypse

"Imagine an America/Where strip mines are fun and free/ Where gays can be fixed/And sick people just die." This is the part of the election season where everyone goes insane.

How Mitt And Ann Romney Made Up To $115 Million On The Auto Bailout

Cenk Uygur breaks down the numbers from investigative journalist Greg Palast’s report detailing how Ann Romney’s blind trust profited from the government bailing out General Motors. Exactly how much money did the Romneys make? Between $15 million…

"Sex And The City" Or Disney Channel Original Movie?

See if you can guess which quotes were taken from beloved childhood movies, and which come from a show that talked a lot about penises.

Welcome To Kanto Region, Doctor! From

A country vet finds herself at a loss at how to treat pink cows that lay eggs.

Ridiculously Cute Marty McFly

So cute I can't even take it. Cooper and his parents have won Halloween.

Foods To Avoid

If you're serious about getting lean, you'll need to follow this diet.

Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Quits

After two years, the starlet's publicist decided to walk after Michael Lohan's failed intervention

Ragnarok Odyssey Review For Vita From

For the best Reviews of Ragnarok Odyssey for Vita, check out this page on

Move Over, Obama And Romney — Some People Are Voting For Jesus

And I for one — seriously, crew — could not agree more. Because what right-wing, Bible Belt fundamentalist wouldn’t want to vote for Jesus, a radical nonviolent revolutionary who never spoke English, was totally anti–death penalty, anti-wealth,…

Axl Rose Goes On Jimmy Kimmel For First Live TV Interview In 20 Years

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has given his first live television interview in more than 20 years to Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles.

Lady Gaga's Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Talks Romance

Actor Taylor Kinney dishes about dating the world's most outrageous pop star: "I'm a lucky guy"

The ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Has A Red Band Trailer

The re-make of ‘The Evil Dead’ (now just called ‘Evil Dead’ to reflect how much shorter our attention span is now compared to 1981) is produced by original director Sam Raimi and original star Bruce Campbell, and retains some of the same camera…

Riding With The Truck Stop Killer

In 1985, Vanessa Veselka was a teenaged hitchhiker who was picked up by a man who would come to be known as the Truck Stop Killer. Nearly three decades later, she returns to the scene of that experience and writes about it for GQ: "I said I wouldn't…

6 Things You Didn't Know About Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren was the first politician to utilize a grassroots movement, deploying Andrew Jackson's committee chairmen around the state and organizing volunteers at the local level. "Hurra Boys" would plant hickory trees, in honor of Jackson's…

The LA Haunted House Crawl - Entertainment

What's more terrifying than going to a haunted house where they put a plastic bag put over your head, drag one of the people in your group into a bathroom, and leave you in a pitch black room with dudes grabbing you? Going to seven haunted houses…

What Was Your First (Or Favorite) Halloween Costume?

What are you going as for Halloween? As that's the question so many people are asking right now, I thought it'd be fun to revisit the costumes of Halloweens past. So I asked a group of writers at various fashion-slanted blogs and magazines to share…

Moderate To Binge Drinking Can Reduce Brain Cells

NEWARK, N.J., Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Moderate to binge drinking -- drinking less during the week and more on weekends -- reduces the structural integrity of the adult brain, U.S. researchers say.

Theater-Crawling Purse Thief Was Making $70K/week Robbing Chick Flicks

Would the fact that this guy would target “chick flicks” like Eat Pray Love and Sex and the City be considered a “special circumstance?” Hopefully the judge takes that part into account and gives him a lighter sentence.

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