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October 31, 2012

The Facebookification Of Gmail

Soon, new e-mails will open in a chat-like window, mimicking Facebook's private-message-through-chat interface. One more step in Google's attempt to transform into a social network.

How The Hurricane Bonded Hardened New Yorkers

Without power or running water in downtown Manhattan, people were helping one another however they could, bonding with those they've lived alongside for years but have never bothered to know.

16 Super-Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you have makeup, you have a Halloween costume. If you still haven't bothered — or been able — to pick anything up, just do up your face with cosmetics you already have and you're good to go.

What It's Like To Snuggle With A Baby Walrus

Spoiler alert: It's AMAZING. One reporter shares her cuddle session with two 4-month-old walruses at the Alaska SeaLife Center before their transfer to the Indianapolis Zoo and New York Aquarium.

15 Best Star Wars/Disney Merger Memes

Mergers lead to hate. Hate leads to anger. Anger gives way to hope. The Internet is torn between loathing of corporate takeover and wishing for a better future for the franchise.

Cell Phones Spammed With Anti-Obama Text Messages

Anonymous texts sent from unregistered websites Tuesday night blasted cell phone users with messages attacking President Obama. The texts span in topic from Medicare to Libya to Planned Parenthood.

Anti-Obama Storm-Related Flier

According the Houston Chronicle, the flier appeared at the apartment door of a person in Virginia, and was produced by the Americans for Tax Reform. Update A voter in Arlington, Virginia sends along a PDF of the flier that appeared at his door clearly showing the Americans for Tax Reform logo. Update An ATR spokesman comments "the photo you have is of a photocopy of a piece of mail we sent out in September. Someone is either trying to be cute or deliberately trying to mislead." Update An Americans for Tax Reform spokesman sends over an invoice to show the mailer was designed and paid for in September and a copy sent out in October.

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