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October 10, 2012

How To Make Apple Butter

3 pounds apples 1 cup (7 oz.) granulated sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice or cloves Peel, core and quarter 3 pounds of firm, crisp apples. Cut each quarter into rough 1/2-inch slices (about

BuzzFeed Radio With Special Guests, Rotten Tomatoes!

We talked about what's worth watching that comes out DVD this week, Looper, Helena Bonham Carter's sense of "style," and — weirdly — The Office and Dwight Schrute.

Rehearsal Scraps: This Is Not A Drill

The latest viral buzz from

Jason Alexander Dishes On The Debates And Rocks The Youth Vote

Actor and Obama surrogate Jason Alexander is actively pushing for young voters to turn out in this election. Stephanie Miller and Alexander discuss the importance of the youth demographic. Alexander says, “Learn about it, read about it, get your iss…

Romney Gets Google Image Bombed

A Google image search for the phrase "completely wrong" pulls up an interesting array of photographs:

7 Ways Women Affect Male Behavior

Women can make a man's exercise routine feel easier, for instance — but they can also cause them to show up late to the bus stop and do more dumb things on skateboards.

8-Year-Old Writes Crushingly Sad Letter About His Dead Cat

Big, sloppy tears ahead. Read the letter Rayden Sazama of Logan, Utah, dictated to his "PaPa" and sent in to The Herald Journal.

Jimmy Kimmel - Top 49 Men Of 2012

It’s been a big year for late-night loudmouth Jimmy Kimmel. He hosted the 64th annual Emmy Awards, and his nightly talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, is about to shake things up with a new time slot. After paying his dues for nearly a decade with a 12:35…

FYI, Baby Ferrets Are Really Cute

Don't believe me? Here's proof.

Jimmy Savile Gravestone Removed By Family As Police Launch Hunt For BBC Child Abuse Accomplices

The gates of Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, were locked around 11pm last night for the two-hour operation as Scotland Yard dramatically widened its inquiry into Sir Jimmy Savile alleged sickening sex offences over four decades.

Let's Admire This Baby Tapir

It's really hard to determine whether baby tapirs are cute, weird, or majestic. I guess "all of the above."

Let's Take A Minute To Appreciate Our Dogs

This is why they are man's best friend.

Buzz Bissinger Called Romney Racist, Vacant "Dongasaurus"

Before endorsing the Republican, the Friday Night Lights author accused him of being of a lot of awful things.

29 Reasons Why Tony Danza Should Run For Mayor Of New York City

Danza has casually mentioned his interest in running for Mayor of New York City and I could not agree with this idea more! Here are 29 reasons why he'd do a fantastic job running the greatest city in the world.

When You Have Social Anxiety

Not even the smiling world of stock photos seems inviting.

The 29 Greatest Moments In The History Of Bathtime

"These were the greatest bathtimes of our lives." -Bob Dylan

"Friday Night Lights" Author To Haters: "Fuck Yourselves"

Buzz Bissinger is a little touchy today.

Bill Maher Gets Into Twitter Fight With "Newsweek" Over Heaven Cover

As far as mini Twitter spats between famous atheists and controversial magazine editors go, this one is pretty excellent.

Why Everybody's Wrong About Gingers

Gingers are awesome and special and you're probably just jealous.

What Famous Internet Cat Are You?

A personality quiz where there are no wrong answers, because all these kitties are the best. Discover your true inner-celebricat.

The Weirdest Vampire Music Video You'll See This Halloween

Hunkx and His Punkx just released a new Halloween themed video where he cavorts around as a vampire who wants to do something very specific. And it's not sucking your blood. [NSFW language].

If Billy Joel Really Hated Obama

ForAmerica, a conservative 501(c)(4) group, has released a very elaborate anti-Obama version of "We Didn't Start the Fire." "They just keep on lying as our freedom's dying."

Afghan Hospital Leaves A Mixed Legacy For Wisconsin Senate Candidate

Tommy Thompson boasted of his involvement in an Afghan hospital program. "What humanitarian efforts has [Baldwin] ever been involved in," his campaign asks.

Lindsay Lohan Fought Her Mother While Inside Of A Limo

The cops were called, blood was drawn, a distressed phone call was leaked — just another day at The Lohan Residence! That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

What Men Really Think About Unintended Pregnancy

"I thought about it and I was like ‘We ain’t getting an abortion.’”

Inarguable Proof That Mark Sanchez Is Satan

The Jets need an exorcism.

Pedestrian Penalty Cards And Other Links

Everyone else is so inconsiderate. Plus, movies made possible by side character incompetence and heroic animals saving animals.

Christian Grey - Top 49 Men Of 2012

The titular hero of Fifty Shades Of Grey, Christian Grey, is something of a validation for all of us who’ve ever been told that we’re getting women all wrong. Let’s just put it this way: The man is no “let’s just do Netflix” softie who she claims to…

Seth MacFarlane - Top 49 Men Of 2012

Seth MacFarlane is a force to be reckoned with. Ted, his directorial debut, had the biggest opening weekend of an R-rated comedy ever, and is being touted by Universal Pictures as its next big film series. Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland …

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Top 49 Men Of 2012

DOES Joseph Gordon-Levitt DESERVE TO BE #5? SHARE IT!

Elon Musk - Top 49 Men Of 2012

SpaceX founder Elon Musk made history this past spring by becoming the first private rocketeer to launch cargo into orbit and supply the International Space Station. The Dragon’s return to Earth marked another major milestone in private industry’s t…

Ryan Gosling - Top 49 Men Of 2012

Ryan Gosling is a force to be reckoned with, even when he doesn’t have a single movie out. Hot off 2011, when the actor had three monumental starring roles, Gosling cooled it down in 2012. But we’re still feeling the heat from this wisecracking styl…

White House Press Secretary In A Bind On Libya

Jay Carney said Wednesday that he "never said we don't know if it's terrorism," but dodged in September when asked directly if it was a terrorist attack

Democratic Group Finds Paul Ryan's Congressional Campaign Suspicious

One Wisconsin Now, one of the drivers of the Wisconsin recall, accuses Ryan of using Congressional campaign funds for presidential campaigning in the state. Evidence not exactly overwhelming.

Chinese Researchers Dress Up In Adorable, Slightly Creepy Panda Costumes

In order to reintroduce the pandas to the wild — and avoid having any human influence on them.

The 28 Coziest And Most Beautiful Photos Of Sweater Porn

These shots bring new meaning to the term "softcore."

Christina Applegate To Host "SNL" For The First Time Since 1993

You may recall that the classic Chris Farley sketch involving a "van down by the river" featured Applegate as well.

Scrapped "Jurassic Park IV" Human/Dinosaur Hybrid Concept Art

Like The Fly, only with less Jeff Goldblum and a more dubious understanding of genetics. Thank goodness this version of the script didn't make it out of pre-production.

30 Black & White Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Good luck getting to sleep tonight! Xoxo.

Henry Thomas Discusses "E.T." 30 Years After It Premiered

Henry, who played Elliott, admitted the movie's ending still chokes him up this morning on the Today Show.

Career Confidential: The Child Services Worker Who Takes Kids Away From Their Parents

"I saw a meth lab right next to a kid's bedroom. He left his bike in the lab. This little kid was constantly going in and out of a meth lab."

The Definitive Guide To MLB Playoff At-Bat Music

Find out who's on top of the MLB charts.

Hilarious London Tube Prank Signs

The Underground pranking has been going on for years, and continues today.

The Sushi Of Jiro's Dreams Will Run You $20/minute

Sukiyabashi Jiro is a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo that many say serves the best sushi in the world. The chef/owner, 86-year-old Jiro Ono, was the subject of last year's excellent Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary film.

Romney Changes Answer On Bill Allowing Detaining U.S. Citizens Indefinitely

Romney said in January he would have signed the bill as written. Today he said he would have to "look at that particular piece of legislation."

Muppets Who Have Run For President

Their push into politics is nothing new.

How To Not Be Terribly, Blatantly Shallow On OkCupid

Everyone on OkCupid is at least a little shallow. But don’t be so obvious about it.

Mother Of Slain SEAL Tells Romney To Stop Talking About Her Son

After telling the story one last time in Ohio, the campaign says it will be removed from the stump speech.

Two Baby Walruses Find New Homes

Two little tusky orphaned pinnipeds, Mitik and Pakak, from Alaska have found homes in New York Aquarium in Brooklyn and the Indianapolis zoo. Someone get these two some saxophones, stat.

Why Justin Bieber Keeps Dying In Fan Fiction

Teen idols are regularly kicking the bucket in stories written by their fans. What gives?

Democratic SuperPAC Hoping To Revive Fight Over Ryan Abortion Stance

Ads star Todd Akin. Also: A new barrage from McCaskill.

Scarlett Johansson As Janet Leigh In "Hitchcock"

A first look at ScarJo in costume for the upcoming film about Alfred Hitchcock.

The Increasingly Outrageous Case Of Joran Van Der Sloot

The convicted murderer, who was also a suspect in Natalee Holloway's disappearance, may have impregnated a woman from prison. Here's how his case became one of the most disturbing in recent memory.

Ellen DeGeneres At The Prom

Definitive proof that Ellen has always been a badass.

What Android Fragmentation Looks Like

Manymo is a site that lets developers test their apps on multiple virtual Android devices at once, to make sure they're compatible with different screen sizes and OS versions. It has, as of now, more than 40 options.

New Zealand Is Putting "The Hobbit" On Its Money

And it's going to be legal tender!

You Can Buy The Ghost Of A Golf Legend For $1000

It's in a jar, because that's where ghosts are stored... Obviously.

Five Perfectly Fuzzy Photos Of These New Leopard Cubs

These two North Chinese Leopard cubs were born in early August at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin. They were seen by the public for the first time on Friday.

Sofia Vergara Having Labor Pains On The Set Of "Modern Family"

Spoiler alert: she gives birth to her baby.

Father Of Unskewing Movement Says He Made The Pollsters Honest

With better numbers for Romney, former critics of big polling shops have stayed quiet. Forget the debates: Chambers takes credit.

Brutal Ad Hits White House On Libya Timeline Contradictions

Though it runs a little long, the Heritage Foundation's excellently crafted new video is worth a watch for anybody who's a fan of political attack ads — or wondering why the Obama Administration is facing so much criticism in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack.

Muppets Have Lobbied Congress Three Times

Muppets have been making their case heard on Capitol Hill since 2000.

Best Political Pumpkins Of The 2012 Election So Far

Making a political Jack-o-Lantern is never easy.

Marines Help Boy With Prosthetic Leg Finish Race

An 11-year-old's prosthetic leg broke in the middle of a kids triathlon Sunday. What happened next brought the crowd to tears.

Morrissey Is Not Impressed With Stephen Colbert

Move over, McKayla Maroney — we have a new winner here. Morrissey failed to see the humor during his interview on last night's Colbert Report, so let's break down his reactions into GIFs.

Hayden Panettiere's Bitch Face: A Retrospective

If she's mastered it for tonight's Nashville premiere, it's because she's had a lot of practice.

26 Things The Internet Wants To Know About Emo Kids

People sure are curious about how to be a proper emo kid, like what do emo kids wear in the summer? Can you be emo if you have curly hair?

1 Pussy Riot Member Freed, 2 Remain Jailed

Yekaterina Samutsevich was freed because she didn't take part in the controversial cathedral performance that first landed the three women in jail.

The Joker's New Look Revealed

Oh God why? Buzzfeed was lucky(?) enough to get a sneak peek at Batman's nemesis. Let's just say it isn't pretty.

Behold! Bol Bol, Son Of Manute!

Bol Bol is a 6’5 seventh grader who is the son of the late NBA player Manute Bol. Bol strokes threes just like his dad and even showed the ability to put it on the ground and create off the bounce. Bol has a good mid range jumper and has a good unde…

Natalie Portman Channels Britney Spears On The Set Of Her New Movie

Blonde hair? Check. Exposed midriff? Check. Massive amounts of sass? Check, check, and check! (It's for an upcoming Terrence Malick film.)

Why Does It Matter If Debate Swag Was Made In China?

University of Denver doles out foreign merchandise to debate guests

Romney Son, Tagg, Takes Charge

The eldest is "the most trusted individual in Mitt's life," after Mom. The family versus the advisers.

Dancing With The Stars All-Stars: Drew Lachey And Helio Castroneves Go Home

Drew Lachey and Helio Castroneves were both eliminated from Dancing With the Stars All Stars.

X-Men Producer Says She'd Like A Crossover With The Avengers

In a recent interview, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner said that she'd like to team up with Marvel for a crossover with The Avengers.

21 Consequences Of Staying At The Bar Till Last Call

An ode to all you veteran mistake makers and risk takers who foolishly throw caution to the wind, even when the bar lights come on.

This Is What Happens When You Google Image Search "Completely Wrong"

We did not make this up. Romney's apology for his 47% comments makes for an unfortunate juxtaposition.

Liveblogging The New Citibank Commercial

0:05 Man who looks like Seth Meyers and mimics facial expressions of Ed Helms gets dumped at restaurant by needlessly cruel woman. 0:08 He goes home to dark apartment to cry and masturbate to internet porn on Macbook Air. 0:10 Ends up on Citi Priv…

Why Washington Won't Get Better

Romney and Obama each promise a cure — but the poison is already in the blood. "If you think ... things are going to change next year, you need to have your head examined."

Conan Takes In A London Play! @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Here's A Painting Of Larry Bird And Skeletor

Someone uploaded this picture of a painting, which they claimed to have found in an ice cream parlor. In case you were wondering, that’s Larry Bird enjoying a milkshake while sitting with Skeletor, the arch-enemy of He-Man. Skeletor appears to be en…

Nicole Kidman: Fame From Marriage To Tom Cruise Was "Really Strange"

Nicole Kidman says fame from her marriage to Tom Cruise made her uncomfortable while Keith Urban gave her confidence.

Parkour On A Road Bike

Martyn Ashton takes a carbon fiber road bike (the same bike Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France with) and does some trials riding with it. It's a bit like recreating the Mini Cooper chase scene in the Bourne Identity with a Bugatti Veyron.

‘Fifty Shades' Of Gilbert Gottfried

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried performs a dramatic reading of the erotic best-seller “Fifty Shades of Grey” for “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar.

Autism In America: The Epidemic No One Is Talking About

Peter Bell, executive vice president of Autism Speaks, talks about the growing number of autistic children in the United States.

VIDEO: Avenger Pugs Has Pugs Dressed Like The Avengers

After the jump, I’ve got a YouTube video entitled “Avenger Pugs,” whose title is both perfectly self-explanatory and yet woefully incapable of fully conveying the true majesty of pugs dressed as The Avengers. And before any of you start tut-tutting …

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