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October 5, 2012

11 Things We Learned From A New Study Of LGBT Characters On Television

GLAAD identifies the best and worst of the record-breaking 2012-2013 season.

11 YouTube Comments That Will Absolutely Break Your Heart

A new Tumblr by director Mark Slutsky finds darkness and beauty in the world's worst comment section. Just try to make it through this without welling up.

Dean Chambers, Original Unskewer, Returns To Tackle Jobs Numbers

The founder of Unskewed Polls isn't buying this month's jobs numbers. Dean Chambers wonders how, weeks before the election, BLS "would magically show" a lower unemployment rate.

Bad-Ass Roller Derby Bridal Shoot

This bride is fierce. When it came time to do a bridal shoot, roller derby athlete Pinky La Pain chose to incorporate her longtime passion as a member of the Greensboro Roller Derby League.

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