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October 5, 2012

The Frattiest Quarterbacks In The NFL

And no, the answer's not all of them.

11 Things We Learned From A New Study Of LGBT Characters On Television

GLAAD identifies the best and worst of the record-breaking 2012-2013 season.

The Rich Cats Of Instagram

Good bye kids, hello felines. Meet the Rich Cats of Instagram.

Does Obamacare Mean The End Of The Pill?

Now that more effective (but expensive) contraception options are covered by insurance, will women switch to IUDs?

The Fanciest Stag You'll Ever See And Other Weekend Links

Either that or the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke is alive and well. Plus, animals that hate their lives and technology can't fix everything.

56 Situations Where Andrew Lincoln Looks Absolutely Charming

Walking Dead starts in less than 2 weeks! Let's all get excited by looking at these pictures of Andrew Lincoln.

9 Non-Threatening Funguses

Nervous about the outbreak of rare fungal meningitis? Just remember that not all funguses are out to get you.

6 Amazing Images Painted In Blood

Artist Vincent Castiglia prides himself on creating art with the "life force which contains his own psychic energy."

New Species Named After "Star Wars" Jedi

Meet the Purple Yoda. Or, in the proper Latin, Yoda purpurata.

The Playlist: October 5, 2012

"Terminal" by SBTRKT  A new track or maybe a throwaway from the mysterious DJs next album? Either way, we dig this one. "Play the Game Boy" by A*M*E  You may be over “Gangnam Style,” but the K-pop phenomenon is nowhere near over. Seventeen-ye…

Linda Hogan Arrested For A DUI

A day after Hulk Hogan's sex tape leaked. Coincidence? That and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

The Killer Crush: The Horror Of Teen Girls, From Columbiners To Beliebers

In eighth grade, Mary liked Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily liked Paul McCartney, and I liked Gavin Rossdale. We probably didn't say liked, though, or even loved. We were obsessed, we were crazy, we swooned, we fantasized. We liked the mall, and love was a…

Movie 43 Red-Band Trailer Apes Kentucky Fried Movie, Looks Awesome

Comedy usually works better in short bursts (brevity, soul of wit, etc.), and it’s incredibly hard to maintain the funny over the course of a standard, 90-minute plus, single-narrative movie format. Which raises the question, why do we keep trying t…

17 Best Questions People Have Asked Strangers On The Internet

What should I do if I left my shirt in a plate of lasagna? And other queries.

24 #FashionProblems That Aren't Really Problems

"You try breaking in new leather pants." Stress!!!

11 YouTube Comments That Will Absolutely Break Your Heart

A new Tumblr by director Mark Slutsky finds darkness and beauty in the world's worst comment section. Just try to make it through this without welling up.

Jack Welch Tells "Twitterverse" He's Not "Old" Or "Senile"

The former CEO of GE took to Fox News today to double down on his claim that the Bureau of Labor Statistics cooked their statistics to bring down the employment rate and help President Obama. Welch added "these numbers don't smell right."

How To Make The Best Possible Use Of iPhone Emojis

I have seen the future, and it is beautiful.

Dean Chambers, Original Unskewer, Returns To Tackle Jobs Numbers

The founder of Unskewed Polls isn't buying this month's jobs numbers. Dean Chambers wonders how, weeks before the election, BLS "would magically show" a lower unemployment rate.

When Mixtapes Ruled My World

Making mixes and taping songs off the radio when I was a teen shaped the way I listen to music in the iTunes era.

First Ladies Love Big Bird

Presidents and their wives come and go, but Big Bird is ageless.

Ravens Star Thinks Gay Parents Are Bad For Kids

We can't let gay people get married, think of the kids!

Delicious Apologies And Other Links

When you're really sorry, say it with dessert. Also, Bond movies ranked by Bond girls and weird unexplainable diseases.

Zach Braff Really Loves Poetry

So much that he is urging all of New Jersey to attend the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival this year. Aww.

Michael Phelps Just Made An 159-Foot Putt

Apparently amazing achievement in one sport just wasn't enough for the greatest Olympian of all time.

29 Amazing Pieces Of Anna Wintour Fan Art

The felt Anna finger puppet you never knew you needed.

This Is The First Time These Ducks Have Ever Been In A Body Of Water

I bet you can't stop smiling after seeing this.

The Dos And Don'ts Of Week 5 Fantasy Football

25% of the season down, 110% TO GO.

Pornhub Is Currently Running A "Save The Boobs" Campaign

For every 30 views of the videos in their "big tit" and "small tit" categories, they'll donate 1 cent to breast cancer research during the month of October. It sure is nice of them to lend a hand?

Bad-Ass Roller Derby Bridal Shoot

This bride is fierce. When it came time to do a bridal shoot, roller derby athlete Pinky La Pain chose to incorporate her longtime passion as a member of the Greensboro Roller Derby League.

30 Foolproof Ways To Get Through This Winter

Those dark, cold days are looming. Here are some tips on how to stay sane through the long, miserable winter months.

85 Reasons Why Sesame Street Is Going To Be OK

Scared for Big Bird? Here's 85 reasons Sesame Street will be OK with or without government funding.

13 Simple Projects To Show Off Your Comic Book Pride

Ladies (and gentlemen) don't let your comics collect dust in your closet. Upcycle them into awesomeness.

Awesome Corgi "Legend Of Zelda" Link Costume

We have an early favorite for costumed-corgi of the year. Bring it, corgi owners.

Senators Demand Village Voice Adult Services Site Be Shuttered

Bipartisan group of lawmakers demand site closure, slam ownership for effort to hide ties to company in wake of sexual exploitation complaints.

Ron Swanson Is A Pretty, Pretty Princess

Albeit a begrudging one. But at least he got a date out of the whole thing!

The World Of English Soccer Is Crazy And Weird

Don't call your elders a bunch of twats.

Mitt Romney Lied Almost As Many Times As President Obama Said 'Uhhh' During First Of #debates

Cenk lays out key moments where President Obama failed to combat Mitt Romney’s lies, including letting Romney claim that Obama would cut $716 billion from Medicare a grand total of 10 times. “The whole time I’m saying, ‘Hit him back! That’s not true…

Rob Zombie's 'The Lords Of Salem' Trailer

Fortunately, Zombie is back to making his unique brand of horror films – as opposed to studio retreads like Halloween – with The Lords of Salem, which takes us back to the era of heavy metal as a link to Satan, or the good old days, as I call it. A …

16 Incredible 3D Creations Made From One Piece Of Paper

Remember those paper snowflakes you made in elementary school? Well, Peter Callesen's artwork is roughly 3 trillion times more awesome.

Video: Liam Neeson Swears Live On Sportscenter

It’s going to be the plot of taken 3 – The Stath is transporting a girl (the daughter of Liam) Liam Neeson calls and this is how the conversation goes. “I don’t know who you are- Oy is there sometin’ wrong with your noggon? I’m the Transportah. I …

Monkey Me

Monkey you!

Hot Trend: Botched Jesus Painting Nails

As painted by fab nail artist Madeline Poole.

Foolproof Gay Test

How to tell if someone is gay in one simple quiz. Try it out!

Watch An Interview With The Reunited Cast Of "Clueless"

Everyone was there but Paul Rudd. And Brittany Murphy. :(

Paul Ryan's Congressional Opponent Launches First TV Ad

Rob Zerban outraised Ryan recently.

Gay Boy Scout Denied Eagle Scout Rank

17-year-old Ryan Andresen is another victim of Boy Scouts of America's controversial anti-gay policy. "It was by far the biggest goal of my life. It's totally devastating."

BLS Office, Avoiding Twitter For The Day, Dismisses Jobs Paranoia

Conservatives are worked up about skewed jobs numbers, but BLS's Gary Steinberg isn't "even looking" at Twitter today. "The data are what they are," he says.

Ohio State's Freshman Quarterback "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL"

Third-string QB and touted freshman Cardale Jones is mad as hell, and he's... probably not going to be tweeting anymore.

Why Were Al Gore's Infamous Debate Sighs A Disaster?

Stephanie and John Fugelsang revisit Al Gore’s infamous sighs during the presidential debates with George W. Bush in 2000.

A Treasury Of Bizarre Irish Treats

While recently you were treated to a taste test of British candies—a celebration of the ways these quality chocolate goods can tap into the pleasure centers of taste and nostalgia—this exploration is of an entirely different sort. Irish junk food co…

Baby Otter Pups For Everyone!

Five short clawed otter pups have been born in at the Edinburgh Zoo. Do you guys think they have scottish accents?

Michael Cera Climbs The Stair Car

Just a little more Arrested Development excitement to brighten your day.

Why You Should Never Play The Phone Game

Because it's crap and you shouldn't take crap from anybody.

You Can Expect More Mustaches On "Community" This Season

Or at least that's what I assume from this photo that Joel McHale tweeted.

14 Dogs Behaving Surprisingly Well In Church

On the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, it's traditional for Catholics to bring their pets to church to be blessed. The dogs below comported themselves quite well.

Watch Bryan Cranston On "CHiPs"

Who knew? You can view the whole episode, "Return To Death's Door," right here.

How To Walk In Heels Tops The Morning Links

Ladies have been doing it wrong for decades. Plus, the Swiss create a self-creating robot and old people ruin everything.

Cooking With Christopher Walken

It's so brilliant, we wish we'd thought of it first.

Aging Action Heroes

Hollywood may be considered a young man's game, but try telling that to Liam Neeson, or to any of the current crop of aging action heroes still kicking serious ass both on the big screen and at the box office. Because, despite being old enough to jo…

Ron Paul Suggests He'll Vote For Gary Johnson

"There are other people who are technically capable of winning because they're on a lot of ballots."

Steve Martin Endorses Nebraska Senate Candidate As Only Steve Martin Can

He takes his time to get to the point. Martin and Bob Kerrey are old friends.

15 Most Famous Fashion Feuds Of Our Time

Okay fine, let's just call them what they are — cat fights.

Here Are Some Ghosts Punching Each Other In The Nards

Turns out, when you die, you are locked forever in fisticuffs with another ghost in a lucadore mask.

Beautiful Story Of A Father Coming To Accept His Daughter Is Marrying Another Woman

It took Artie Goldstein some time to come to terms with his daughter's decision to marry another woman. Sure, it's an ad for Expedia, but that doesn't make it any less touching.

Chris Brown Releases Video Explaining That He's In Love With Two People

One of them being Rihanna, I guess, because he used actual footage of her in this "confessional"-style video. WHAT EVEN IS THIS.

Conan Gets Exclusive "Star Trek 2" Video Clip

Spock! In a volcano! Spoiler free because it's three frames long! J.J. Abrams is a tease.

Now You Can DIY Your $1,500 "It" Bags

Fendi is now selling DIY versions of its famous "baguette" purse. This might be the most expensive/fah-bulous purse crafting kit on the market.

First World Problems Read By Third World Kids

From Haiti. It's a new TV commercial for Water Is Life.

Reporter Tells Volunteers Looking For Missing Girl That Girl May Be Dead On Live TV

A heartbreaking and awkward moment. One viewer calls Sky News' Kay Burley the most "hateful sociopath in journalism."

Interview: Firaxis' Garth DeAngelis On XCOM's Inspirations And Challenges From

How the surprising influences behind Firaxis' XCOM revival appeal to both veterans and newbies.

Candy And Clouds Photo All Time Low's Photos

Everybody get kinda awesome Want to see ALL TIME LOW VIP-style on The Rock Show at the End of the World Tour? Find or become Alex, Jack, Rian, or Zack’s Doppleganger! May the greatest, funniest, wittiest rendition win! How to Enter: Submit a photo o…

The Internet's March On Washington

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian just set the Internet's next big political campaign into action — almost by accident. Congressmen, Senators, Hill staffers: brace yourselves for Geek Day.

J.J. Abrams Gives An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of "Star Trek Into Darkness" @

Official site of Team Coco & Conan O'Brien - watch Conan full episodes, get the latest news about Conan on TBS, watch Conan videos, Conan on the intertubes, fan sneak peeks, plus sundry worthless hilarity.

Debate Body Language Recap: Romney Energized, Obama Collected

To that end, we enlisted two body language experts – Patti Wood and Vincent Harris – who disagreed on whose gestures and stature won the evening. Wood, the author of "Easy Speaking and Dynamic Delivery," took to Team Romney while Harris, author of "…

Big Bird Doesn't Stand A Chance Against Mitt Romney @

The Republican nominee is literally gunning for Big Bird.

Resurgent Romney Takes The Moral High-ground Telling President Obama To Stop The 'Character Assassinations' Of Him And Declares He Will Be President For The '100 Percent'

Flushed from his success in last nights first presidential debate, Mitt Romney has challenged President Obama and his re-election team to stop their 'character assassination' of him.

Press Becomes Punching Bag At Romney Rally

NRA official calls 2012 coverage a "national disgrace" — but a Romney adviser says it's not that bad.

Debate Results Are In: The Lies Have It

There is no way anyone can deny that Romney won the debate. He was strong, confident, and clear. However, in the light of day there is also no denying that he lied - across the board. In 2012, you cannot get away with lying like that. Fact-checkers …

The Best Of Reddit's Troll Face College Football Logos

Reddit put together a bunch of troll face college football logos, and it's my duty as a guy on the Internet to share them. Chief Osce-LOL-a is choice.

Obama And Romney Draw Large Post-Debate Crowds

Both candidates turned out large crowds of supporters post-debate.

Saved By The Bell Star Lark Voorhies Is Battling Bipolar Disorder

Former Saved By the Bell actress Lark Voorhies has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder -- and the mental illness explains her recent erratic behavior, says her mother.

Zinging The Zingers From The First Presidential Debate

Congratulations! You may or may not have survived the first presidential debate!

The Los Angeles Lakers Were All Smiles At The 2012 NBA Media Day

Showing off new additions Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, the Los Angeles Lakers hammed it up at their Media Day festivities this week.

South Park's James Cameron Parody, James Cameron, Bravest Pioneer

I don’t want to make a habit out of talking about what happened on TV last night, because for one thing, that’s more WarmingGlow‘s bag, but I’d be a slapdash blogger if I didn’t mention last night’s South Park, which included a subplot starring our …

Supreme Court Justice's Son Bids For California Statehouse Seat

"A moderate by San Francisco standards." The Justice has kept his distance from the campaign.

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