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    13 Simple Projects To Show Off Your Comic Book Pride

    Ladies (and gentlemen) don't let your comics collect dust in your closet. Upcycle them into awesomeness.

    1. Start With A Pair Of Dead Sexy Heels


    Anyone can make their own custom heels with this guide.

    2. Or Flats If You're Balance Impaired (Or Respect Your Arches)


    Even easier to make since you don't have to wrap them around the stiletto! Instructions over yonder.

    3. Accessorize With A Sparkly Cuff


    Super simple walkthrough here.

    4. Or Get Really Fancy With A Wrapped Cuff


    Get them here.

    5. Put A Flower In Your Hair


    All you need are comics and bobby pins. Full guide here.

    6. Make A Wallet To Keep All Your Comic Book Buying Money In


    It's basically origami. Instructions HERE.

    7. Then Put That Wallet In Your Snazzy Clutch


    Get the full tutorial here.

    8. Turn On The Lights


    Instructions are really simple. Feel free to strategically place the hole for maximum innuendo.

    9. Make Sure Your Name Is On The Wall To Claim Your Geek Home


    Wooden comic book letters are incredibly fast and easy to make.

    10. Set Up A Nice Tea On Your Super Table


    Full walkthrough guides you step-by-step.

    11. Don't Forget To Center The Bouquet!


    Find out how to make your own everlasting flowers with this tutorial.

    12. Put Those Tea Cups On Coasters! Were You Raised In A Barn?


    Easy peasy instructions can be found here.

    13. Now You're Ready For The Full Reveal!


    Artist BellsTheByrdie did a fabulous job.

    Bonus! Geek DIY Queens Bonnie Burton & Stephanie Thorpe

    View this video on YouTube

    If you're worried about defacing your favorite comics to make any of these pieces, these ladies are here with advice on photocopies.

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