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    30 Foolproof Ways To Get Through This Winter

    Those dark, cold days are looming. Here are some tips on how to stay sane through the long, miserable winter months.

    1. DIY a pair of wool insoles to keep your feet toasty.

    2. Shave the pills off your winter clothes with a razor.

    3. For all you knitters...

    4. Rub Vicks Vapor Rub on the soles of your feet if you've got a cough.

    5. Use pool noodles to keep your boots upright.

    6. Nutella + milk in the microwave will give you the best hot chocolate you'll ever have.

    7. Prevent frost from building on your car windows.

    8. The alcohol in hand sanitizer will de-ice your car locks.

    9. Buy a natural light lamp.

    10. Make a draft stopper.

    11. Fleece-lined tights.

    12. A snuggie is just a backwards robe.

    13. Dry your hair with a microfiber-bristle brush.

    14. Avoid getting shocked in your car.

    15. Easily make your gloves smartphone-friendly.

    16. Get a crock pot.

    17. Here's a tip to help you get out of bed:

    18. Warm up your eyeliner and mascara before applying.

    19. Vacuum seal your summer clothes away.

    20. Learn the warmest way to wear a scarf.

    View this video on YouTube

    And here's a million more ways to wear a scarf. A demonstration of the "warmest way to wear a scarf" is seen at 3:41, also called "the hidden knot."

    21. Don't wear cotton against your skin.

    22. Wear a sandwich bag between two thin pairs of socks if you don't have waterproof shoes.

    23. Wash your face with oil.

    24. Put a hot rubber bottle at the foot of your bed 30 minutes before you slip under the sheets.

    25. Oh, by the way — mittens are warmer than gloves.

    26. Make Reusable Hand Warmers out of Fleece and Rice

    27. Apply cooking spray liberally to a snow shovel.

    28. Here's an easy savory cold remedy:

    29. And here's a tasty, sweet one:

    30. Last but not least...GET A HEATED TOILET SEAT!