8 Kinds Of “Nerdy” Tattoos That Are Not Okay

Being a nerd is pretty great, but having a nerdy tattoo is a bit trickier… Here are 8 nerdy tattoo cliches that need to stop immediately.

1. QR Codes

ID: 563657

6. HTML tags

ID: 563676

12. Hardware and software icons

ID: 563704

18. Let’s take a minute and just look at this kid for a second, okay?

ID: 563718

19. Tattoos that say OMG or LOL or LMAO or anything similar

ID: 563737

24. Mustache finger tattoos belong in this list too

ID: 566578

28. Pretty sure this counts

ID: 566594

29. Ugh, can’t forget about barcodes

ID: 563779

33. Lastly, and worst of all, meme tattoos…

ID: 563793

40. Look at your life and look at your choices.

ID: 566619

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