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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Oct 14, 2012

    14 Geeky Tattoos That Are Actually Super Awesome

    While it's true that some "nerd tattoos" are getting super old, if you get something original and true to yourself, it could be as awesome as these.

    1. Superman Chest Tattoo

    2. A 3D Robot

    By Tuula joka piirtää (Tuula the one that draws) at Joker The Tattoo Shop in Turku, Finland.

    3. Nikola Tesla Wrestling Kraken

    By Perry Stratton at Splash of Color in East Lansing, Michigan.

    4. Space Sleeve

    By Dan Henk.

    5. David The Gnome

    6. TARDIS


    By Cute Karin in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

    7. Bender

    8. Admiral Walrus


    By Russ Abbott of Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Georgia.

    9. Connect The Dots

    10. Where's Waldo?

    11. Stormtrooper In The Rain

    12. Tim Burton's Spiderman

    By Adam at Eternal Arts Tattoo in Santa Clarita, CA.

    13. Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem

    14. Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

    by Tiny Tim at Devil's Ink Tattoo in Melbourne

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