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    30 DIY Ways To Jazz Up Your Converse Sneakers

    It doesn't matter how old, dirty or hole-y your Chuck Taylors are. You can fix them right up like new designer shoes in no time.

    1. Stud Them

    2. Make Waves

    3. Cover Them in Glitter

    4. Turn Them Into Dancing Shoes

    5. Make Them Spikey

    6. Add a Fur Lining

    7. Slide Them On

    8. Walk Them Down the Aisle

    9. Give Them a Mustache

    10. Tie Dye Them

    11. Get Spacey

    12. Crystalize Them

    13. Make Them Holey

    14. Knit a New Pair

    15. Add Buttons

    16. Get Inspired by Fruit

    17. Make Them Fly

    18. Paint Them With Plugs

    19. Customize Your Colors

    20. Get Patriotic

    21. Bleach Them

    22. Make Strappy Sandals

    23. Go Crazy With Color

    24. Lace Them With Ribbons

    25. Add Platforms

    26. Make Them Musical

    27. Embroider Them

    28. Tell a Story

    29. Splatter Them With Paint

    30. Bedazzle With Beads