30 DIY Ways To Jazz Up Your Converse Sneakers

It doesn’t matter how old, dirty or hole-y your Chuck Taylors are. You can fix them right up like new designer shoes in no time.

1. 1. Stud Them

Insert studs through the sides of your sneakers and firmly press the prongs down on the inside. More details on the process found here.

2. 2. Make Waves

To paint a Japanese wave-inspired design, draw an outline with black Sharpie, and fill it in with watered-down acrylic or fabric paint. Check out this tutorial.

3. 3. Cover Them in Glitter

Coat your sneakers with a layer of glue and glitter. To create a faux steel toe, add iron-on pyramid studs. All the details are here.

4. 4. Turn Them Into Dancing Shoes

Create a paper template, draw the outline of a ballet shoe onto the side of your sneaker, then paint it in with black paint and marker. Check out this full tutorial and template.

5. 5. Make Them Spikey

Stick spokes through the backs of sneakers for a quick and easy upgrade. Check out this post for inspiration.

6. 6. Add a Fur Lining

Sew faux or real fur to the inside tongue of your Converse. The sneakers shown used an old mink fur collar. Click here for more tips.

7. 7. Slide Them On

Ditch laces and sew a piece of elastic over the top instead. Check out these step-by-step directions.

8. 8. Walk Them Down the Aisle

Embroider your new initials— or your anniversary date, as done by this crafty gal.

10. 9. Give Them a Mustache

Give your shoes real personality with this downloadable design.

11. 10. Tie Dye Them

Just like the tie dye you did at summer camp. Check out this tutorial.

12. 11. Get Spacey

Tape up the bottoms to protect your soles, then paint with brushes and a sponge for a star-filled galaxy look, as done in this blog post.

13. 12. Crystalize Them

Bedazzle your toes with adhesive and Swarovski crystals (yes, you really can add these to anything). All the details are here.

14. 13. Make Them Holey

These are by Italiain designer Gienchi, but with some careful cutting and grommet insertion, you could definitely make your own.

15. 14. Knit a New Pair

Cut off the canvas and replace it with knitting. Don’t forget to reattach the original Converse patches, as done here.

16. 15. Add Buttons

Sew a random collection buttons through the fabric, like this blogger.

17. 16. Get Inspired by Fruit

Decorate them to look like watermelons inside and out— all you need is permanent markers according to this crafter.

18. 17. Make Them Fly

You can cut your own wings by following this video tutorial.

19. 18. Paint Them With Plugs

Or dragons, or puzzle pieces, or any other funky motif, as done by these bloggers.

20. 19. Customize Your Colors

Not feeling crafty? Make someone else do the work by customizing your kicks on

21. 20. Get Patriotic

Make American-flag-inspired shoes with some paint and patience— see how it’s done here.

22. 21. Bleach Them

Want a blank canvas? Follow this tutorial for bleaching your shoes.

23. 22. Make Strappy Sandals

Cut up the canvas while keeping the laces in place to make Gladiator-inspired sandals, like these.

24. 23. Go Crazy With Color

Take plane white Converse and paint them all over with bold, bright hues, like this inspired blogger.

25. 24. Lace Them With Ribbons

Use big, funky, and colorful ribbons to lace up black sneakers, and you’ve got a whole new shoe.

26. 25. Add Platforms

Channel your inner Spice Girl and turn your sneakers into platforms by adding foam board. A step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

27. 26. Make Them Musical

Decorate with the logo and lyrics of your favorite band, like this Etsy seller did.

28. 27. Embroider Them

Stitch your shoes with any patterns or motifs that you like. According to this blogger you’ll need a chenille needle, pearl cotton thread, and a pair of needlenoise pliers so you don’t destroy your fingertips!

29. 28. Tell a Story

Decorate your shoes with images inspired by a favorite fairy tale, like these Little Red Riding Hood sneaks by designer Camilla Engman.

30. 29. Splatter Them With Paint

Decorate white or black shoes with neon hues that will really pop, as done by this blogger.

31. 30. Bedazzle With Beads

Sew clutters of colorful beads along the seams, like this clever crafter.

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