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    How To Dress A Hedgehog For Halloween

    Everyone knows that hedgehogs love dressing up in costumes, but their little legs are too short to put clothes on by themselves. That’s why hedgehogs need your help in donning these costumes for the upcoming holiday. Pledge to dress up a hedgehog and we can go a long way in preventing hedgie embarrassment.

    Summer Anne Burton 2 years ago 271 responses

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    Let’s Make Pro-Hedgehog Propaganda Together

    Hedghogs are the next big thing because of how awesome they are, but the Internet doesn’t know it yet. This is where the BuzzFeed Community comes in: Add your best hedgehog propaganda below - posters, slogans, videos - whatever you like, and we will collect the best ideas and deploy them in the next stage of our campaign. Add yours in the comments! For the hedgehogs!

    Jack Shepherd 2 years ago 49 responses