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From Drab To Fab: 48 DIYs For Average Tin Cans

Warhol was on to something with his tin can fanaticism — these versatile little containers can be used to make everything from flower vases to napkin rings to wine racks. A helpful hint for ALL of the below projects: invest in one of these can openers that creates a smooth (not sharp) opening.

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2. Art Supply Caddy

Cover tin cans with Mod Podge and fabric, then use wire to attach them around the perimeter of a larger can. Nifty storage for paint brushes, pencils, and other art supplies.

The trick is to freeze the cans before cutting into them. Carefully cut S-shaped slits along the outside of the can, allow the ice inside to melt, then gently push it down. Check out a more detailed tutorial here .

13. Mini Bongos

Fill the cans with rice/lentils, then stretch a balloon end over the top and secure in place with a rubber band. These plus a pair of chopsticks will keep kiddos occupied. See a full tutorial here.

14. Plant Markers

Cut out strips from an aluminum can, then write the names of your plants on a piece of paper. Trace the the lettering into the aluminum strips, and trim the edge so you can stick it into the ground. Check out these step-by-step directions. And if you're not a gardener, make cheese markers instead.

24. Table Numbers

Spray paint the cans with gold, wrap a printed number stencil around each can, and drill little holes inside the number outline. Place a little candle inside for great dinner party decor. Number templates and detailed instructions can be found here.

44. Perpetual Calendar and Pencil Holder

Create a calendar and storage unit in one. You'll need cardstock, paper, an X-acto knife and ruler, rubber cement, double-stick tape, and the templates and instructions found here.

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