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June 9, 2010

Cereal Shenanigans

When Mohawak Man loses a wrestling match to the Campbell's Kids, he decides to sue Frankenberry.

Joran Van Der Sloot Targeted Her For Poker Winnings

Stefany Flores was beaten to death with a tennis racket.

Real-Life Superhero Contest

Swedish “t-shirt magazine” T-post is running a Real-Life Superhero Contest, which encourages readers to put on a costume and perform random acts of kindness for a chance at $1000 cash.

Rooney Play Live at Brooklyn Bridge Park

The band Rooney is everywhere at the moment-- including the home page of Cosmo Girl.

Happy Dog vs. Happier Baby

here's a video of a Sheltie running around a hysterically-entertained baby who keeps trying to catch him but just isn't fast enough.

Dancing Alone To Pony

Dancing Alone To Pony is a Tumblr consisting of videos of people dancing alone to the song "Pony" by Ginuwine.

Cat Meets Coin Bank Cat

White cat is not amused.

Google Maps Spot USB Cables From Space

Victoria, Australia’s Waubra Wind Farm looks an awful lot like something else when viewed from space.

Greatest World Cup Brawls

With the world cup just around the corner, the 2010 host, South Africa, is preparing for things to get heated on and off the field. Here's a look back at the brawling hooligans who made our list of greatest world cup brawls. (Note: England's domination of this list. )

The Facts of Life

oh god. come on. Express yourself and be naked and all that jazz, but who wants to see wrinkly old man dicks?? THINK OF THE CHILDREN! The poor, innocent, now-scarred-for-life children!!!!

How To Avoid World Cup Hooligans

Hooligans - scourges of the soccer stadium, ruining football games for fans everywhere.

Terrestrial Shrub Rover

Screw the hovercar— Justin Shull’s Terrestrial Shrub Rover is the vehicle of tomorrow.

Top 10 Male Bonding Video Games

Male bonding is cute.

Video: Ricky Martin Sex Tape Featuring Eduardo Ya

Please, for gay men everywhere, LET THIS BE TRUE.

Tiger Dog!


Space Your Face

Beam me up!

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