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June 30, 2010

Twilight's Like Soccer

My thoughts exactly.


13 year old Hibiki Kono spent five months designing and making this homemade spider device using two giant vacuum cleaners to grip the wall and support his weight. Talk about innovative! This kid is so resourceful he should have been involved in the space program. Sorry Tobey, Hibiki takes the cake with this one. (via:Arbroath )

Baby Executive

"Listen Bill, just have the sales report on my desk first thing tomorrow morning, or it'll be your job."

The City Vs. The Hills

Whether you think The Hills is the worst show in the world or The City is the best thing on television since The Golden Girls , both of these reality gems have always invoked a wide variety of emotions amongst viewers. With The Hills coming to a close it was only right to do a finale battle.

This Is Why You Shouldn't Go To Huge Outdoor Raves

Unless of course, it's your wildest dream to get crushed by a stampede of dudes.

The Sex Lives of Vampires

From Gary Oldman to Anna Paquin in two easy steps!

Lady Gaga Looks Weird as a Man Too

She always looks weird.

For the Last Time: Beyonce Is Not Pregnant

So don't judge her for getting wasted.

'Fast Money' Recap: Heading Much Lower

The latest viral buzz from

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

In the United States the Special Victims Unit takes pedophiles down. In Europe, they celebrate them.

Hipster Fashion Cycle

If you want to explain the science behind the trucker hat.

Vice President Joe Biden Calls Custard Store Manager 'Smartass'

He's like that mean uncle you're embarrassed to eat out with.

The CULT TV Book Interview/Giveaway

Courtesy of the cool dudes at Soft Skull Press.

What BET Didn't Show You During the 2010 BETAwards

Someone showed up with purple hair.

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