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June 10, 2010

Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Negativity Overdone

Is Jim Cramer just a little bit too negative sometimes?

The FBI Knocked on My Door! // Current

The latest viral buzz from

12 Things I Learned From The Saved By The Bell Oil Spill Episode

You can learn a lot about yourself, oil, and Bayside from this episode. I've basically learned everything I know from SBTB.

Obama's New Hit Single 'Ass Kick'

The good folks over at autotunethenews bring us yet another auto tuned masterpiece.

This Article Contains Too Much Jargon

Occam: 1. Internet: 0.

Girlfriend Deletes WOW Characters, Dude Destroys Computer

Break user, Samco88, uploaded this awesome freakout.

Kittens, Inspired by David Lee Roth

It's been WAY too long since we had a decent Kittens, Inspired by Kittens reboot. (Brought to you by topherchris.)

Set Your Own Background on Google

I am currently loving Google for allowing us to set our own background.

50 Iconic Book Covers

These totally make me wish I knew how to read. :(

Pregnant Batman

For anyone who has ever wondered where heroes come from.

How To Tell If Someone Is Pregnant, Or Just Fat

Apparently you should just listen for huffing. Also, apparently people don't give up seats on buses for pregnant women because they're worried they're fat and not pregnant and wouldn't that be embarrassing? (Via TurtleFeed.)

Alvin Greene: Mystery Senate Candidate

Alvin Greene, an unemployed gentleman who claims to be a military veteran and whose only presence in his entire "campaign" was paying the $10,000 filing fee, just won the Democratic primary for the Senate in South Carolina. He will face Jim DeMint.

NYC Snapshots: Locals Vs. Tourists

Using data from Flickr and Picasa, Eric Fischer created a map that shows which spots in NYC are being photographed by locals (blue) and which by tourists (red). Some of this is pretty much as expected, but the concept is cool as all hell. (Via @aptpat.)

BP Spills Coffee

This is what happens when BP spills coffee.

How To Melt An iPad

The more you know.

Spider Dog

This spider dog may be even better than Tobey Maguire.

Killer Whale Dies During Delivery of Calf

It was a sad day at Sea World.

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