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June 16, 2010

Ines Sainz

Pretty lady!

Twilio Announces OpenVBX

This time, they've set their sites on Business Telephone Systems.

Perez Hilton Might Do 15 Years over Miley Cyrus' Vagina

Perez tweeted something that's pretty illegal to tweet.

California Gurls Official Video

Candyland on crack. Seriously.

Women: Are Your Boobs the Wrong Shape for the Decade?

The question on everybody's mind.

Maru Brings A Toy

Let's check in and see what Maru is up to, shall we? In this video, Maru is bored, but he's totally proactive about it, because he is also fantastic.

Worst Beverages in America

The roundup of the worst beverages in America is pretty amazingly disgusting. This list from user Shareitfitness unfortunately puts into perspective how bad for you some of your favorite drinks are. Prepare to be disgusted.

My Dad is a Bro

My Dad is A Bro is a mid-life crisis in tumblr form. Just in time for Father's Day a Tumblr blog devoted to father's who can toe the line between "Dad" and "Bro".

Overprotective Deer Attacks Dog

This is one badass deer.

North Korea's Fans Are Paid Chinese Actors

There's something suspicious about the North Korean fans in the World Cup. Like, why do they all wear identical outfits? Also, aren't North Koreans barred from freely leaving the country? A few answers to these very reasonable questions below. (Thanks to Lindsey and her brother for bringing up this mystery.)

X-Ray Pin-Up Calendars (NSFW?)

These calendars created by a German ad firm to show off high-def Japanese monitors for doctors feature women in a total state of undress: You can see right through their clothes...and their skin.

Vuvuzela Hero

I might have an urge to hurt anyone playing this around me.

Jennifer Aniston Is Going Topless. Again.

The latest viral buzz from

What in the Hell is This?

The head to body ratio is off.

Never-Seen: The 1966 World Cup - Photo Gallery

Unpublished pictures by photographer Art Rickerby from the 1966 Cup in England.

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