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    Posted on Jul 26, 2017

    24 Deleted Miley Cyrus Tweets From The Deep Web That Can Now Be Preserved Forever

    You're welcome. Or not.

    On March 28, 2009, Miley Cyrus joined Twitter with this tweet:


    On October 8, 2009, nearly seven months later, Miley deleted her Twitter and ALL of her tweets with this last goodbye:


    That means there are literally thousands of Miley Cyrus tweets floating around the internet, seemingly lost and deleted forever.

    There are a few original screenshots of these long forgotten Miley tweets like this one...


    ...this one...

    ...and this one.

    But really, there aren't that many original images of the tweets.

    ^A rare original tweet pic.

    For the past eight years, these old tweets have remained hidden deep within the loins of Twitter. That's until my friend taught me how to search for old tweets. Basically, they're still out there and I've rounded them up for you because I don't have a life.

    For those who don't understand Twitter: The original Miley tweet is after the "RT @mileycyrus." Those words, my friends, are the original work of songsmith, Miley Rae Cyrus. Enjoy.

    1. That time she ate an entire jar of peanut butter for breakfast.

    2. That time she had a thing for Rob Thomas.

    3. That time she set the record straight about purity rings.

    4. That time her stomach hurt.

    5. That time she drank a Coke and was worried about what would happen next.

    6. That time she tweeted her love for McDonald's.

    7. That time she tweeted her love for Outback steakhouse.

    8. That time she tweeted about her love for Panera.

    9. That time tweeted about her love for Leo.

    10. That time she tweeted about digestion.

    11. That time she tweeted about shitting.

    12. That time she tweeted about a corndog.

    13. That time she set the record straight about Myspace.

    14. That time she told people to not follow her because she's emo.

    15. That time she was hungee.

    16. That time she was eating sushi with Liam.

    17. That time she decided to stop bashing Rob Pattinson.

    18. That time she talked to her #1 man.

    19. That time she invented a word.

    20. That time she tweeted about Aaron Carter having a crush on her?

    21. That time she was hyper.

    22. That time she said music is not a trend?

    23. That time she saw the Mona Lisa.

    24. And that time she heard the voice of Jesus.

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