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Paris Hilton Has Been Sharing Memes Of Herself And I Love It

Meme queen.

Some memes are good. Some memes are bad. And some memes are just meh. Other memes are Paris Hilton memes that Paris Hilton herself has been tweetin'. They are cream of the crop memes, and they all star her. Basically it's hot, iconic, quiche, etc.

On July 9th Paris shares this meme. True and relatable.

Them: "You can't just erase people from your life" Me:

July 12th: A classic meme posted by Paris and starring Paris.

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" Me:

July 15th: A good meme featuring Paris.

When everyone expected you to be hungover this morning but you wake up feeling fine.

July 19th: Kinda not a meme but also kind of a meme. Either way, good (and starring herself).

July 20th: Paris Inception meme.

July 23rd: A memeish photo featuring herself.

"Never pass a mirror without looking in it."

July 25th: Baggage meme starring Paris and shared by Paris.

Me: "I don't carry any excess baggage... that's for a weak bitch" Also me:

June 12: Good meme content.

And of course, a mood meme. Paris' mood = herself liking stuff and things.

All A+ memes. All starring Paris. What more could you ask for?