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    Posted on Jul 26, 2017

    Jessica Biel And Jimmy Fallon Couldn't Stop Laughing About The One Time They Broke Into A House Together

    How Mary Camden of them!

    Jessica Biel stopped by Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday which naturally led to the famous friends sharing a story of how they broke into a house with Biel's husband, Justin Timberlake:

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    The criminals explained how they arrived at an open house to check out a potential new pad when there was no real estate agent to let them in...

    Jimmy Fallon: There was no real estate agent there.

    Jessica Biel: Nobody was there...

    ...So they found an unlocked door and let themselves in! Because, DUH!

    JB: We basically checked every door on the ground level to see if we could get in and one was left open.

    The famous threesome let themselves into every room and took their damn sweet time looking around.

    JF: We stayed for awhile.

    JB: We did! We looked at every room.

    JF: We went down to the basement.

    JB: The pool house too!

    JF: We broke into everywhere! I don't why we did it, but it was so fun!

    Unfortunately, the house just wasn't their cup of tea, so the misdemeanor was all for NOTHING.

    JF: It was a decent house.

    JB: It was a nice house. Maybe not my style, not your style, but I can appreciate the architecture, for sure!

    But real talk: Did they just confess to breaking and entering?

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