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Colton Haynes Might Be The One To Thank For Derek And Stiles Returning To "Teen Wolf"

"We're all a family, you can't let the show go on without us!"

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If you're a fan of Teen Wolf, you'll know that original cast members Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin will return for the show's final season to reprise their roles as Stiles and Derek, respectively.


And if you truly love the show, there's probably nothing that could make you happier than a #Sterek reunion.

Well at this year's Comic-Con, BuzzFeed chatted with Colton Haynes — another original cast member, who will be returning to reprise his role as Jackson — and he told us all about how the show's little reunion came to be:

It was crazy, it was so much fun. It was just nice. They've all been my best friends for a long time and Jeff asked me to come back, but I couldn't because I have a different contract for something else. So then I said, 'I can get them to agree, but I'll only come back if Dylan and Hoechlin come back, because I wanted the original family to be together. So, then I sent them a sad, ridiculous (I'd had like two glasses of wine, by the way) - a really, really sad text that was like 'We're all a family, you can't let the show go on without us! And Hoechlin, of course, was like total grumpy cat. So then I called his agent, because we have the same agent, and I made him do it.

Haynes also spilled a few more secrets about Jackson's return to Beacon Hills, such as why he's back in the first place...


"He's definitely part of the solution. He found out that certain things are going on and kind of, came back to help out in any way that he could, but also to help out his friends."


...and what he's been up to all of these years...


"I know he's been in London. I don't know, in my head he went and got a degree, maybe got a lot of therapy. He's still kind of douchey, but still has a heart too."