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    22 "Teen Wolf: The Movie" Behind-The-Scenes Facts We Just Learned From The Cast At San Diego Comic-Con

    At SDCC, Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, and Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis teased what it was like returning for the upcoming film.

    Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin, and creator Jeff Davis swung by Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to chat about the upcoming movie and reveal some amazing behind-the-scenes secrets about bringing these characters back. Here's everything we learned:

    the three on stage talking to the audience

    1. First, Tyler Posey said he's been "an advocate" for bringing Teen Wolf back even "before" the series ended in 2017. And he said coming back to to play Scott now was great because he's "in the best place" he's ever been in his entire life.

    close up of tyler throwing up rock n roll signs to the crowd

    2. Tyler Posey explained that the Teen Wolf movie is "everything the fans want" and it's "the entirety of the show wrapped up into one movie." He also described it as "nostalgic."

    scene of the character barring teeth as werewolves

    3. Tyler Hoechlin found out he was officially returning as Derek Hale "not too long" before filming began and he said it was incredible getting to reunite with these actors again.

    Tyler Posey and Tyler H doing promo shots

    4. And, Tyler Posey said once Tyler Hoechlin stepped onto set, "all of these emotions and memories" came flooding back and it felt "really special."

    the two smiling at comic-con

    5. Creator Jeff Davis said he never thought about doing just another season of Teen Wolf, but he started putting together ideas for where these characters could be, and it turned into a "very long movie because [they] essentially have 20 main characters."

    a character yelling

    6. Jeff Davis also revealed that there will be a time jump when the movie kicks off, and this is the first time Tyler Posey's Scott will actually be older than he is right now.

    a girl on the back of a werewolf character

    7. When Teen Wolf: The Movie picks up, Scott has left Beacon Hills behind and he's now living in Los Angeles. Tyler Posey teased that we see Scott as a "normal person" when the movie begins.

    close up of tyler as scott

    8. Tyler Posey revealed that one of his favorite things about the movie is that Scott is able to "pass the torch" to another teen, specifically Eli Hale, Derek's son.

    close up of Tyler as Scott

    9. Tyler Hoechlin said returning to do the movie was a different experience than when he left the series and then returned to finish Derek's storyline. He said that the first time he left everyone was still working on the show, but this time everybody was having a reunion together.

    the two Tyler's on the comic-con panel

    10. Jeff Davis recalled a very surreal moment seeing the cast together again for the first time when Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes, and JR Bourne went to his office and read some scenes for the first time.

    Jeff and the two Tylers posing for promo shots

    11. Vince Mattis will star in Teen Wolf: The Movie as Derek Hale's son Eli, and Tyler Hoechlin was instrumental in helping cast Vince. In fact, Tyler is an executive producer on the movie as well and did all the auditions with every young actor who was brought in to read for Eli.

    close up of vince mattis

    12. Also, Tyler Hoechlin said he brought his experience as a child actor to the audition process for Eli Hale. He specifically remembered how "gracious" Tom Hanks and Paul Newman were to him when he was starting out, and he wanted to be that kind of role model for these young actors.

    Tyler in Teen Wolf

    13. Tyler Posey said reuniting with Crystal Reed on Teen Wolf: The Movie was "perfect" and it really called back to the "beginning of Teen Wolf" and where all the "love and passion" for the series began. Tyler also remarked that it was great getting to know Crystal again as adults.

    Tyler and Crystal at a comic-con panel

    14. And, Jeff David revealed that when he texted Crystal Reed that he would like to bring Allison back for the movie, she just "burst into tears," and then they talked on the phone and he revealed some of his plans for the character.

    close up of Crystal on Teen Wolf

    15. Also, in terms of Scott getting to see Allison again, Tyler Posey said, "It fucking rocks his world, dude."

    Scott saying that Allison is alive and she's back

    16. Jeff Davis said it was "exciting" to get to bring back these characters we had said goodbye to in the original series, but he also wanted to make sure he did the characters justice and that [he] got the voice[s] correct again."

    jeff, tyler h and tyler p on the comic-con panel

    17. Teasing Colton Haynes's return as Jackson in the movie, Jeff Davis said it was "really fun to write his scenes again because it's the same old Jackson."

    Colton on Teen Wolf

    18. In terms of if filming the movie was different than shooting the series, Jeff Davis said it was "pretty much the same" since they shot Teen Wolf like a movie "every week."

    different stills from Teen Wolf

    19. Tyler Posey's brother, Jesse Posey, will appear in Teen Wolf: The Movie. Jeff Davis teased that they gave Jesse a "funny role" and he's "fucking hilarious."

    the brothers posing at an event

    20. Looking back at his entire time on Teen Wolf overall, Tyler Posey said that he owes "a lot" to the series and he has been given so many opportunities because of it.

    close up of Tyler Posey smiling

    21. Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis hilariously revealed that "there's swearing" in the movie. Tyler joked, "We say 'fuck' in Teen Wolf: The Movie."

    close up of Tyler speaking on the panel

    22. And finally, according to Jeff Davis, there is already discussion of doing more Teen Wolf.

    Sarah posing with Jeff and the two Tylers

    You can watch the first teaser trailer for Teen Wolf: The Movie below:

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    Teen Wolf the Movie will stream exclusively on Paramount+ soon.