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July 15, 2017

Are You Actually Basic?

You might think you're a hipster, or a regular normal person. But what if you're not, and you're really just...basic?

Poppy Is The Best Person On The Internet, Someone Might As Well Say It

She's the one internet star you need in your life.

The New Live Action "Lion King" Looks Freaking Gorgeous

At the Live Action Film panel at Disney's D23 Expo, jaws dropped at live action footage of Pride Rock.

Así se vivió la venta de boletos para el concierto de Niall Horan en México

Que no se diga que las directioners no son dedicadas.

The Truth Behind "Finding Nemo" Is Really Going To Mess With Your Head

It's a fictional movie for children, but if it were scientifically accurate, it would be a WHOLE DIFFERENT SITUATION.

This Teen Shared A Photo On Twitter And Got A Knock On The Door From Police

After BuzzFeed News contacted police, the officer apologized to the teen.

Can You Solve This Chocolate Math Problem?

How well do you add numbers in your head?

Cousins Allegedly Told Police They Used A Backhoe In The Murders Of Four Men

Court documents reveal grim new details of the Pennsylvania murders.

23 Posts That Will Remind You How Fucking Easy It Is To Get Rid Of All Your Problems

My depression is gone! My acne has cleared! My crops are thriving!

Meet America’s Least Angry, Most Popular Republican Governors

Democrats may be eager to capitalize on Trump’s unpopularity, but the Republican governors in blue-state Massachusetts, Maryland, and Vermont are some of the most popular in the country — even if Trump’s populist anger has left uncertain the political future of their approach. “There’s no reason to be angry.”

How Disgusting Are Your Eating Habits?

"Serves two people"? Yeah, right.

Twitter Doesn't Know What To Think Of The "Aladdin" Cast Announcements

You ain't never had a friend like Will Smith.

Trump Hired A Veteran White-Collar Defense Lawyer To Work In The White House

The president is adding Ty Cobb, a veteran white-collar defense lawyer in Washington, DC, to the White House counsel's office. His law firm, Hogan Lovells, announced the news internally on Friday.

29 Useless Pieces Of Trivia You'll Want To Tell Everyone Right Away

"Yoda and Miss Piggy were voiced by the same person."

12 Myths About Cooking Pasta That Actually Aren't True

You seriously need to stop throwing pasta against a wall.

How Many Of These Thoughts Have You Had During "Game Of Thrones"?

I choose violence, and to take this quiz.

How Chill Are You?

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right.

Here's What 15 Cartoon Characters From The '90s Would Look Like Today

Angelica Pickles would be almost 30 years old these days.

People Are Criticizing This Cartoon In "The Spectator" For Normalizing Stalking

"Two women are murdered every week in the UK due to partner violence. In the US it is three a day. This isn't funny."

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a sushi rolling kit, moisturizer, and citrus juice squeezer.

25 Delicious Recipes That Will Make You Love Salad

Because salads are the best summer food.

You're Only A True New Englander If You've Eaten 27/33 Of These Foods

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Columbia University Has Settled A Lawsuit With The Man Accused Of Raping "Mattress Girl"

Emma Sulkowicz gained international attention for an art project in which she carried the dorm room mattress she alleged she was assaulted on.

37 Useful Things For The Sloppiest Person You Know

Who cares if you spill on everything you own? OK, don't lie. You do. The products in this post were updated on October 26th, 2017.

Can You Decorate A Nursery Without Blowing Your Budget?

Money won’t be the only thing keeping you up at night.

Bermuda Doesn't Have Zika. It Does Have Lots Of Pregnant Tourists

"This lady was like, I don’t know what’s in the water but I’m not getting in."

21 Tweets That Are Really Weird But Will Make You Laugh, For Some Reason

"Every year thousands of boyfriends are hunted for their jeans alone."

This Woman Has Been Having Sex While Breastfeeding And People Are Like "Whaaaaaaa?"

"There’s nothing bad about making love, at all, ever."

30 Amazing Things To Buy At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Sale ends August 6th, prices go up August 7th!

Mathematics Genius Maryam Mirzakhani Has Died At 40

Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal for mathematics, died of breast cancer.

8 Ways Turkey Has Changed Since Last Year’s Failed Coup Attempt

The botched attempt to seize power by a faction of the country’s military has divided Turkey while emboldening its leader.

14 European Dishes You Have To Try In Their Home Countries

Want the recipe for perfect adventure? It's one part traveling with a dash of eating.

Here’s One Big Sign China Is Not Serious About Getting Tough On North Korea

Expensive car dealerships and salespeople at posh malls on the Chinese border told BuzzFeed News that North Koreans have no problems bringing sanctioned luxury goods back home.

28 Facts About Sleep That Will Fuck You Up

Sleep sex and sleep texting are actual things, so now I'm probably never going to sleep again.

Meet The Bralette That'll Actually Fit Anyone With A D Cup

It offers *stifles sobs* the perfect amount of support — and the same design is now available as a bikini top.

This Teen Used Loads Of Kazoos To Cover Songs And It Is Incredible

"We're all living in 2017, while she's living in 9503."

O bolo gelado da sua vó resolveu ficar mais delicioso ainda!

Nada como adicionar um pouquinho de chocolate aqui e ali, não é?

Would You Make These Sacrifices For Your Lover?

You will do anything for love, but you won't do that.

11 Sweat-Busting Tips To Help You Beat The Summer Heat

Powder isn't the only thing that can save you.

This Is What It’s Like Inside Liberated Mosul

Iraqis contemplate their losses over three years of ISIS rule and war in what was once a relatively prosperous city.

Here's Why Experts Believe There's Been A Rise In Acid Attacks In London

Street gangs are adopting corrosive substances as their weapon of first choice, experts have said.

Quel enfant Stark êtes-vous?

Plutôt Arya ou Sansa?

39 petites choses que la plupart des filles font en secret quand elles sont nues

Comme se gonfler le ventre pour voir à quoi on ressemblerait enceinte.

Des personnes qui travaillent dans le milieu du porno nous parlent de leur métier

L'un d'entre eux a créé un logiciel de suivi de trou de balle.

Ces femmes ont été photoshoppées aux proportions de Barbie et leurs pieds sont ridiculement petits

«Et si je me voyais en Barbie et que je me trouvais plus belle qu'une Barbie?»

Choose 10 Ice Cream Flavors And We'll Guess Your Favorite Britney Song

Hit me baby one more time (with more ice cream).

This Is What Happened To Men Sent To Jail In England For Being Gay

Fifty years after homosexuality was partially decriminalised, Keith Biddlecombe tells BuzzFeed News about what happened when he was sent to prison in the 1950s, and the devastating tragedy that unfolded as a result.

「綺麗になったねって泣いてくれた」 GENKINGが2年ぶりに再会した母にもらった言葉


インスタで話題! 「カタカナTシャツ」が意外とかっこよかった


Qandeel Baloch: The Making And Unmaking Of A Working Class Heroine

There was so much more to Qandeel than met the eye.

What You May Have Missed From Disney's D23 Expo Animation Presentation

The Frozen sequel, The Incredibles 2, plus...there's a new Disney Princess in town.

At Least 3 People Have Been Killed In A Honolulu High-Rise Apartment Fire

More than 100 firefighters battled the five-alarm blaze that started on the 26th floor. The building does not have a sprinkler system, the fire chief said.

25 Tweets That'll Make All Childfree People Laugh, Then Say, "True"

"Hi, yes, my baby is crying, can I get a new one?"



Can You Pick Up On The Puppy Pattern?

Can you pick up on the puppy patterns?

Brazilian Court Dismisses Case Against Swimmer Ryan Lochte

Lochte was charged with falsely reporting a crime after he told reporters he was robbed at gunpoint during a night out at the Rio Olympics.

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