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July 13, 2017

What Unresolved TV Show Moments Still Make You Mad?

"They can't end the show like that!" —you, probably screaming

17 Super-Honest Stories About Dating As An Asexual Person

"I am in a relationship, and the challenge is in other people not understanding that we aren't having sex."

17 People Describing Their Age In The Most Hilarious And Accurate Way

"I'm 'I remember pooping without a smartphone' years old."

Betsy DeVos Wants To “Quickly” Change The Way The Government Treats Campus Sexual Assault

On Thursday, the education secretary signaled a significant change in policy from the previous administration.

Are You '90s Enough To Go 10 For 10 On This "Rugrats" Quiz?

A true test of wits for any '90s kid.

Two Former Congressional Staffers Have Been Charged With Sharing Nude Images Of Their Boss

Juan McCullum and Dorene Browne-Louis were indicted this week for sharing images stolen from Stacey Plaskett, a non-voting member of congress from the US Virgin Islands.

17 Underrated Shows On Netflix You're Totally Missing Out On

The good, the great, and the underappreciated.

Catador morto por policial militar corre o risco de ser enterrado como indigente

Nenhum familiar foi reconhecer o corpo do carroceiro Negão, que foi identificado pela polícia como Ricardo Silva Nascimento, de 39 anos.

Solo un verdadero fan recordará toda la letra de "Sognare" de División Minúscula

Etiqueta a esa persona a la que siempre quisiste dedicarle esta canción.

House Rejects Effort To Roll Back Rights For Transgender Members Of The US Military

The legislation would have denied gender-transition-related services to members of the US military.

28 Iconic Pictures That Defined The Cold War

Following the end of World War II, democracy in the West found itself at odds with the rise of communism in the East — and a new war for the future of civilization began.

Trump Just Nominated One Of Bush's Unsuccessful Judicial Nominees To A Long-Vacant Seat

Thomas Farr, a North Carolina attorney who has represented state lawmakers in defending the state's redistricting plans and voter ID law, was Bush's nominee for the same seat in 2006.

Which Celebrity Shares Your Birthday?

"They say it's your birthday, na-na-na-na-na-na. It's my birthday too, yeah."

Average Guys Try High Fashion Modeling

Dead inside, dead in the eyes.

Trump Just Said There's Actually No Need For A Full Border Wall

The president also told reporters the wall should be transparent so people in the US can avoid large bags of drugs being thrown over the barrier.

15 Photos Of Celebrities Eating Fries That'll Leave You Shook

This is a hate-free zone, so hold the salt.

Wait, There's Another Mowry Brother And He's Making My Mouth Water

"Your brother is HOT! He's a hot do do do do do."

24 WTF Pictures From When New York Went Totally Dark In 1977

Over 1 million New Yorkers — in the heat of summer — without lights, air-conditioning, public transit, traffic signals, or alarm systems. What could possibly go wrong?

15 Fotos que capturan el caos del diluvio que cayó en el Estado de México

Una tormenta hizo las calles de Toluca, Ecatepec y Coacalco, intransitables.

Governo usa brechas para conseguir primeira vitória na votação da denúncia contra Temer

A base aliada conseguiu maioria na Comissão de Constituição e Justiça, mas para isso teve de convencer partidos a trocar pelo menos 10 deputados.

知ってる? オトコの不妊症問題






A Man Trapped Inside An ATM Slipped Notes To Customers Begging For Help

"Please help. I'm stuck in here and I don't have my phone."

19 Things Any Dog-Lover Has Done

Who needs a therapist when you've got a dog?

93% dos posts patrocinados das top celebridades no Instagram não deixam claro que aquilo é propaganda

Levantamento contabilizou os anúncios publicados pelas 50 maiores celebridades do Instagram e quantos eram devidamente acompanhados pela hashtag #ad (publicidade).

We Asked DC’s Elite What Kind Of Trouble Trump Is Actually In

At a gala featuring Henry Kissinger, Washington’s influencers debated the advent of a new Watergate era.

This Old Hoax About A Strip Club Shutting Down Due To A Diarrhea Outbreak Just Won't Die

The fake story from the Alberta Times is a copy of an old viral hoax.

You'll Have Questions About Pigs When You Watch "Okja," And Here Are The Answers

I'm out here calling scientists and reading government reports so you won't have to! (Some spoilers for Okja.)

Which Leading Lady From "The Bold Type" Are You?

Are you bold enough to take this quiz?

A Conservative Media Site Just Published Jeff Sessions' No-Press-Allowed Religious Freedom Speech

The Justice Department refused to release text of the speech or comment on it. But a conservative media outlet published the remarks on Thursday.

Are Your Opinions More American Or More British?

Weigh in on these important issues!

¿Puedes descubrir si es Maluma con solo ver una parte de su cuerpo?

En otras palabras, qué tan grande es tu obsesión hacia él.

6 Things To Know About Jimmy Fallon's Universal Orlando Ride

Most importantly: there's no line. (Kind of.)

The CIA’s Secret 2009 Data Breach, Revealed For The First Time

The inspector general’s 2010 report, obtained by BuzzFeed News through a Freedom of Information lawsuit, details an incident that “could have caused irreparable damage.”

The Path For Raunchy Female Friendship Comedies Is As Messy As The Women They Champion

"Every time women make a movie, or star in a movie — or god forbid, women make and star in a movie — it seems they have to prove more than other movies," Paul Feig told BuzzFeed News.

¿A qué novia de Ted Mosby te pareces más?

¿Eres auténtica como Robin o ~intensa~ como Jeanette?

I'm Crying At People Congratulating Beyoncé And Jay-Z With Fake Names Jimmy Kimmel Made Up

"Congratulations on the birth of your twins, Gonorrhea and Amoxicillin!"

When Harry Met Harry

Styles and Prince remake.

How Many Of These Midwestern Foods Have You Tried?

Portillo's and Jeni's ice cream, anyone?

11 Cosas que necesitas saber para entender el desastre del paso exprés a Cuernavaca

Retrasos en la construcción, pagos indebidos, sanciones no aplicadas y más forman parte de la historia de la obra.

Canada's Next Governor General Is A Goddamn Astronaut, Folks

Let's not lose sight of what's important here.

21 Times Male Pop Stars Were Shady AF

"Dec. 13 may be the lamest day of the year." —John Mayer on T. Swift's birthday

"This Is Us" Got So Many Emmy Nominations, You Guys

And even those who didn't had no hard feelings.

Según este titular de TVNotas, la violencia sexual es sólo ser "malacopa"

José Ron intentó ahorcar a su novia porque la vio bailar con otras personas en una boda.

Inside The New Chapter Of "Being Mary Jane"

At its core, Being Mary Jane is a show about a black woman trying and failing and trying again to have it all — just like the women who are running and starring in the show. BuzzFeed News visited the set to talk to new showrunner Erica Shelton Kodish and star and executive producer Gabrielle Union about the response to Season 4 and where the show is going.

This Post Is For You, Yes You, A Person Who Knows That Camping Is Awful

"The air is too fresh. It's disgusting. I can't breathe."

34 pensamentos de quem viu a primeira temporada de "Game of Thrones" só agora

"Bom, pelo que eu já ouvi falar, todo mundo aí deve estar mortinho da Silva".

Você consegue torrar mais de R$ 1.500 em maquiagem?

Aqui na BUZZFARMA mulher bonita não paga, mas também não leva!

What Percent Minion Are You?

Because there's a little yellow monster in all of us.

O quanto tu é gaúcho?

Tu chama doce de leite de "mumu"?

Are You As Smart As A Raven?

A new study shows ravens can plan ahead and exert self control, like humans and great apes. Can you?

People Are Seriously Upset "The Leftovers" Didn't Get More Emmy Noms

"I cry for The Leftovers. Shame on you Emmys."

25 piadas que farão as mulheres rirem bem mais alto do que o normal

"Mulheres que dizem que o casamento foi o melhor dia de suas vidas obviamente nunca viram dois Kit Kats caindo da máquina por engano."

La nueva canción de Selena Gomez se convirtió en el nuevo Despacito

Después de tantas semanas, por fin hay un nuevo primer lugar en las listas.

52 Stunning Tattoos Inspired By Books You'll Want To Get Immediately

Let your favorite stories get under your skin. (Literally.)

This Vogue Cover On The "New" Gender-Fluid Trend Is Really Pissing People Off

"Gigi Hadid wore pants last week and now Vogue is calling her a gender-fluid icon."

Leaked Documents Suggest Secretive Billionaire Trump Donors Are Milo’s Patrons

The Mercer family helped Donald Trump become President — and they appear to be funding the controversial Yiannopoulos.

15 Adorable Bathing Suits You'll Want To Wear Right Away

Let's go to the beach, each. Let's go get away. The products in this post were updated in July 2018.

11 motivos para dar uma chance pro coletor menstrual agora mesmo

Você vai descobrir que seu fluxo provavelmente não é tão absurdo quanto você imaginava.

This University Professor Who Sexually Harassed His Students Still Works For The Mexican Government

Economist Alejandro Villagómez resigned after sexually harassing his students at a top Mexican university. Now he has a high-paying job with the federal government.

Governo toma drible da oposição e votação de denúncia contra Temer deve ficar para agosto

Ideia de Temer era votar logo para, assim, evitar fatos novos e mais desgastes, mas deputados — incluindo da base — preferem viajar em férias. Enquanto isso, o PSDB começa a dar sinais claros de desembarque.

Lawmakers Are Pleading With Trump To Confront Russia Over LGBT Torture

Survivors report being being abducted and beaten by Chechen authorities.

21 People From Your Childhood You'll Have To Explain To Your Kids

“All I can say is that the '00s were a crazy, crazy time!” —you to them

How Immigrant Women In The US Create Their Own Style

I talked to other first- and second-generation women about clothing as code-switching, wearing styles from their families' cultures, and how they claim those pieces as their own.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a Dyson, dehumidifier, workout leggings, and more!

A Couple Apparently Tried To Do The Lift From "Dirty Dancing" And Knocked Each Other Unconscious

"I think we're going to go for a slow one for our first dance," Sharon Price said.

Lula diz que é candidato e que Moro não pode tirá-lo da política

Cercado de petistas, ex-presidente fez seu primeiro pronunciamento depois de ser condenado a 9 anos e meio de prisão no caso do tríplex.

21 Cosas que definitivamente te pasaron en el concierto de Ariana Grande

*Se compra unas orejitas de conejo, canta hasta quedarse afónico*.

A Woman Was Blasted To Her Death When She Stood Behind A Passenger Jet

The incident happened at a popular tourist spot in the Caribbean.

Sessions Calls For Old-School Drug Prevention From The '80s And '90s To Help Battle Opioid Crisis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said drug prevention messages "from the 1980s and 1990s" will work again to stem the opioid crisis.

Why Is There Still A Liberal Democrat Leadership Contest?

Can't everyone just get this over with and go on holiday?

22 Seriously Mom Products For You And Your Mini Me

Because you and your LO are #squadgoals of two.

The Best Comic Book Movie Villain In Years Is Basically Your Friend's Jerk Of A Dad

Spider-Man: Homecoming does right by its villain by making him a down-to-earth menace who happens to fly. (WARNING: Spoilers all over the damn place.)

劉暁波さん死去 中国政府の検閲をかいくぐり、ネットの人々はこうやってその死を悼んだ


Here Are All The 2017 Emmy Nominees

It's a big day for SNL and Westworld, which lead with 22 nominations each!

Are You A Bad Party Guest?

Oh! You forgot to bring a present... again.

18 provas de que os gringos nunca vão parar de imitar os brasileiros

Netflix, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Friends, cachorro de peruca: todos copiam os brasileiros na cara dura.

If You've Eaten 24/36 Of These Foods, Then You're A True Londoner

Have you been eating your way around London?

19 Times Britain Made Everyone In America Say, "What?"

"Why do British people put a plastic tub in the kitchen sink?"

This Aristocrat Has Been Jailed For Writing "Grossly Offensive" Facebook Posts About Gina Miller

Rhodri Colwyn Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids, said his comments were "satire".

Este cara leu uma fan fiction erótica de Harry Potter achando que era a "Ordem da Fênix"

"Quer dizer que a história não começa com a Hermione enviando uma foto de biquíni para o Harry?"

20 listas de filmes e séries para você nunca mais ficar sem opção

Séries vibe boa, documentários de cair o queixo, filmes de arrepiar e muito mais.

35 Arten, wie du deinen Kram mit Farbe aufmotzen kannst

Badfliesen, Linoleumböden, Tischlampen, KitchenAid-Mixer ... was auch immer du willst.

1 Man Who Absolutely Should Not Be Cast In "Aladdin"

All great actors, but dear god please let them cast Middle Eastern people.

This Teen Used Makeup To Draw Famous People And It Is Flawless AF

"The people in her looks have makeup on, she put makeup on her makeup. What kind of legend."

17 Señales de que estás listo para salirte de casa de tus papás

Tu cuarto se ve igual desde hace más de veinte años y te urge privacidad.

Você consegue dizer todos os times do Brasileirão em 1 minuto?

Parece fácil, mas vai dando um branco....

Here's What Parental Leave Is Like For LGBT Families

"I had people at work even tell me I didn't deserve to be tired because I wasn't his 'real' mom."

What's Your Camping Horror Story?

It's the 21st century, why are we still sleeping outside for fun?

These Five Questions Will Reveal Which Blackpink Member You Are

Are you more like Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo or Jennie?


Nós avisamos...

Andy Murray a eu la meilleure des réactions face au «sexisme ordinaire» d'un journaliste

«On peut dire ce qu'on veut sur [Andy] Murray, mais rares sont les athlètes masculins dont le cerveau est automatiquement programmé à reconnaître la réussite des femmes.»

G20: Opfer erhalten 20 Millionen Euro

Geschäfte geplündert, Autos abgrebrannt, Umsatzeinbußen: schnell war klar, dass die Opfer der Randale rund um G20 entschädigt werden sollen. Nun ist raus: 20 Millionen Euro stehen dafür bereit – und notfalls auch mehr.

19 Cosas que las personas asexuales necesitan que entiendas acerca de la asexualidad

"Es un poco como ir a museos o algo así: no lo entiendo mucho pero realmente tampoco me molesta".

中国民主化運動の象徴 劉暁波氏が死去


19 Genius Menu Hacks Posts That'll Make You An Ordering Pro

Never settle for a basic combo meal again.

Dieser Mann versucht, eine Bibliothek wieder aufzubauen, die vom IS niedergebrannt wurde

Die Bibliothek der Universität von Mossul wurde vom IS 2014 niedergebrannt. Ein Mann bemüht sich, sie wieder mit Büchern zu bestücken.

Parents, Share Your Kid's Most Surprisingly Amazing Invention

Sometimes kids can really impress you — you know, when they're not whining for a snack.

Here's Why The Government Might Struggle To Get Its Repeal Bill Through Parliament

Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish and Welsh parliaments have all said they will not support the bill in its current form.

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jailed For Years In China Has Died

Perhaps China's most famous dissident, Liu Xiaobo was jailed in 2008 for daring to call for democracy in China.

Fact: Madonna Has The Best #TBTs Of Any Celebrity On Instagram

Your faves could NEVER have throwback pics this ICONIC.

Second Man Charged In The Killings Of Four Men Who Went Missing In Pennsylvania

Human remains were discovered in a 12-foot "grave" in rural Pennsylvania after four young men went missing last week.

Rob Kardashian Is Actually In Some Pretty Deep Trouble For Posting The Blac Chyna Photos

"He is going to really need to focus on substance rather than stunts," one expert told BuzzFeed News.

El jaque mate que duró 30 horas: historia de una detención arbitraria en México

Un ajedrecista fue torturado por policías federales para involucrarlo en el secuestro de los sobrinos de un dirigente empresarial, documenta un informe de Amnistía Internacional.

35 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"

Bet you didn't know that THAT Polo Sport tee cost £75, and Shah Rukh Khan hated wearing it.

The Scottish And Welsh Governments Are Refusing To Give Consent For This Brexit Law

In a rare joint statement, the two governments called Theresa May's repeal bill "a naked power-grab" and said they will not give it their backing.

Moro reconhece erro em liberar áudio que virou símbolo da crise política

Caso envolve o famoso áudio do Bessias. Sobre levantamento do sigilo da conversa entre Lula e a então presidente Dilma, juiz admitiu que "possa eventualmente ter errado" porque competência era do STF.

Here’s What The Key Players Of The Junior Doctors Dispute Are Doing A Year On

One year after the end of a long and bitter dispute over the junior doctors’ contract, the final batch of staff are about to be moved on to it. But those who battled against it are still pushing for change in the NHS.

19 questions que vous vous posiez peut-être sur l'accouchement mais que vous n'osiez pas poser

Avoir une déchirure qui va du vagin jusqu’à l’anus, c’est possible.

This Dude Has Been Crossing Continents To Visit Places That Shah Rukh Khan Has Shot At

He's even been to Lisbon where a scene from Jab Harry Met Sejal was shot.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at ModCloth, BaubleBar, AllModern, and more!

The Senate Just Revealed Its Latest Bill To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released the revised health care bill to GOP senators Thursday and a preliminary vote on the bill is expected next week.

¿Sabes si estas frases son de Lennon o de El Arrebato?

Imagine all the people buscándote un hombre que te quiera.

Dieser Typ hat unwissentlich Harry-Potter-Fanfic gelesen und die Fassung verloren

"Fängt das Buch überhaupt damit an, dass Hermine Harry ein Bikini-Bild von sich schickt?"

Le violoniste Haïm Lipsky, survivant de l'orchestre d'Auschwitz, est mort

Il avait survécu aux camps grâce à la musique. Haïm Lipsky, violoniste enrôlé dans l'orchestre du camp d'extermination d'Auschwitz-Birkenau, est mort à 95 ans. Ceux qui l'ont connu, son fils Arie, son ami Gérald, nous racontent sa passion de la musique et de la vie.

18 preguntas que tengo sobre Disney que son imposibles de responder

¿Cuando Ariel se pasa de la cola a las piernas dejarán de referirse a ella como "la sirenita" y pasarán a llamarla "la personita"?

Une affaire «étouffée»? Enquête sur le traitement médiatique du meurtre de Sarah Halimi

Avocats de la famille, intellectuels et politiques accusent la presse d'avoir passé sous silence la mort de cette femme juive tuée le 4 avril à Paris. Certains y voient un complot ou relaient des intox. L'AFP, BFMTV, LCI, le JDD... répondent à BuzzFeed News.

19 Times Handwriting Practically Made You Orgasm

*buys a calligraphy set in hopes of being this good*

The PM Has Given An Interview And Spoken About How She Shed A "Little Tear"

The prime minister also said she had been impressed with Jeremy Corbyn's performance as a local MP in the wake of the terror attack near Finsbury Park Mosque.



People Are Getting Emotional About The Story Behind Chelsea Manning's Twitter Handle

Manning shared the photo that inspired her Twitter handle and what came next was truly beautiful.

Ariana Grande Has Been Made The First-Ever Honorary Citizen Of Manchester

Reacting to the news Grande said: "I don't know what to say. Words don't suffice. I'm moved and honored. My heart is very much still there. I love you. Thank you."

Pretend To Go On A Beauty Haul And We'll Tell You If You're High Maintenance

Your bathroom cabinet can reveal a lot about you.

Radiologists Say Cancer Treatments Are At Risk From Brexit, Whatever Government Ministers Claim

Damian Green, the cabinet secretary, said medical devices weren't covered by the Euratom treaty – but radiologists say he's wrong.

People Have Been Revealing The Worst Ways Others Fuck Up Their Names

What's the worst way someone's messed up your name?

16 "cumplidos" que todas las mujeres solteras están hartas de escuchar

"Tu vida debe ser mucho más fácil y sin responsabilidades, ¿verdad?"

Apparemment, Disney n'arrive pas à trouver un acteur pour jouer Aladdin, et tout le monde est très perplexe

Malgré un casting mondial, il paraît qu’ils ont du mal à trouver un acteur «d’origine indienne ou moyen-orientale» qui sache danser et chanter.

Wenn ihr nicht mindestens 35 von diesen 43 Dingen getan habt, seid ihr überhaupt Schwestern?

Bissspuren hinterlassen und sie angefleht, es nicht den Eltern zu zeigen.

28 Thoughts About "First Day Of Period Leave," Written On The First Day Of My Period

Is this, finally, the integration of women's experiences into corporate culture? Or is it a setback for feminism? Can I have chocolate? Does anybody love me?

Mira este perro adorable que parece un oso

Seguro que es un perro, ¿verdad?

10 Mega Relatable Comics That Capture Life And The Daily Struggles Of An Indian Woman

From periods, stereotypes, curves to everything in between.

Angry Residents Call For Arrests On Four-Week Anniversary Of Grenfell Tower Blaze

"The pace is too slow. If you need 1,000 officers working round the clock, find 1,000 officers. This is a national disaster, a national disgrace, a national tragedy."

沖縄がぐっと近くなる! セブンイレブンが本気の「沖縄フェア」開催


Ummm, Did You Ever Notice This About Arnott’s Shapes Boxes?!

How could I have been so blind for so long?

These Extra AF Photos Of Steve Harvey's Family Have Really Got People Talking

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that they all look fly as hell.

Millions Of People Are Putting Off Asking Their Landlords For Urgent Repairs Because They’re Scared Of Eviction

Exclusive: 1.85 million rented households are too worried about eviction to ask for much-needed repairs, Citizens Advice research shows.

I Rewatched Season 5 Of "Game Of Thrones" And I'm Really Not OK

The season is dark and full of terrors.

Dear Indian Doctors, I'm An Unmarried Woman And My Sexual Health Matters Too

An unmarried woman’s sexuality is so terrible, so unimaginable, that it is completely written out of our language – in movies, in media, and even in the doctor’s office.

What Kind Of Potato Are You?

The potato quiz to end all potato quizzes.

Kellyanne Conway Used Signs To Explain Collusion And People Died Laughing

"I just thought we would have some fun with words," Conway told Fox News' Sean Hannity while holding signs with her favorite ones.

Video Shows Florida's First Black State Attorney Asking Cops Why They Pulled Her Over

In the body camera footage, Aramis Ayala, Florida's first and only black state attorney, demands to know why officers ran her vehicle tags.

アンディ・マレーが記者のさりげない性差別を指摘 「それは男性選手だけの話だろう」


Andy Murray Had The Best Response To A Reporter's "Casual Sexism"

"Say what you will about [Andy] Murray but so rare is the male athlete whose brain is so automatically programmed to credit accomplishments of women."

Ex-FIFA Executive Chuck Blazer, Key To Soccer Corruption Case, Has Died At 72

Blazer built up US soccer and amassed a fortune — then admitted to tax evasion, which made possible a widespread Justice Department corruption case against soccer's governing body.

How Hipster Are You?

This will tell you the truth about who you truly are.





Paul Ryan’s Political Team Is Still Raising A Lot Of Money

His operation has raked in roughly as much through the first half of 2017 — $10.3 million in the second quarter — as it did through the first half of 2016, an election year.

These Democratic Senators Are Blasting Betsy DeVos For Her Approach To Campus Rape

Sen. Patty Murray is questioning Betsy DeVos's commitment to upholding civil rights, and Sen. Bob Casey says her planned meeting with a fringe men's group is a "slap in the face" to sexual assault survivors.

28 Struggles All Australian-Indian Girls Definitely Went Through Growing Up

Getting teased for wearing henna but now it's ~festival fashion~.

Flash Briefing For July 13, 2017

Here's what you need to know today.

19 Easter Eggs You Missed The First Time You Saw "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

Did you catch all the connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe?

You're Not A True Canadian Unless You've Tried 20/27 Of These Foods

You haven't really lived until you've tried a Nanaimo bar.