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    20 Comics For Anyone Who Worries Too Much

    Hakuna Matata my ass.

    1. For a worrier, every day is an exercise in controlling your sanity.

    2. You worry about small things, like locking the door.

    3. You worrying about making phone calls.

    4. You worry about swallowing bugs in your sleep.

    5. You worry about what people are saying.

    6. You worry about everything left unsaid.

    7. You worry about inconveniencing others.

    8. You worry about letting people down.

    9. You worry what people may think about you.

    10. You worry about the future.

    11. You worry about your imminent demise.

    12. You've gotten to the point where you've started worrying about worrying.

    13. It can keep you from relaxing.

    14. It can keep you from accomplishing things.

    15. It even creeps into your dreams.

    16. Worrying always seems to know the worst times to present itself.

    17. No one around you seems to fully appreciate all the reasons you worry.

    18. We all have our little ways of coping.

    19. And even though worrying can be debilitating...

    20. You just keep repeating that sweet, sweet mantra to yourself.

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