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    22 Seriously Mom Products For You And Your Mini Me

    Because you and your LO are #squadgoals of two.

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    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Mommy and me terrariums that you can personalize with figurines, glitter, and succulent cuttings.,

    If you look really closely, mine has a tiny Chris Pratt being chased by a dinosaur inside.

    Get both for $56.25 at Jet.

    **New Jet customers get 15% off their first three orders with the code SAVE15, on top of any other discounts and promos.**

    2. Matching sleeping bags for that trip of a lifetime to Yosemite (or summer nights in the backyard).,

    Don't ever talk to me or my son while we stargaze again.

    Get them for $28.99 and $27.99 at Jet.

    **Get 25% off orders over $100 on fitness and outdoor products through 7/16 with the code SPORT25.**

    3. Chambray rompers, because time may be running out for both of you on this front.,

    Live today like there’s no tomorrow in a denim pants-top.

    Get them for $17 and $12.56 at Walmart.

    4. Matching Sandlot-inspired tees that tell the world no matter how nuts you drive each other, family is FOR-EV-ER.

    Don't these want to make you have s'more kids?

    Get them for $6.99+ on Amazon.

    5. Temporary all-vegan hair color to make all your mermaid dreams come true.,

    Because the best comeback to “she looks so much like her dad!” is busting out some temporary Manic Panic Creamtones at bathtime and responding, “yes, but she has my hair.” 💅

    Get it for $10.48 at Walmart.

    6. An instamatic kit with a camera, colored lenses, accessories, and instax mini film to document your twinning.

    Mom, does the fact that your skin looks better on instax film have anything to do with this? Quiet, sweetie, smile for the camera.

    Get it for $114.99 at Walmart.

    7. Matching headwraps that tell the world, "We can do it!"

    Whether you’re riveting a seam or carrying a ginormous car seat up three flights of stairs.

    Get a set of four for $13.95 at Walmart.

    8. An insulated thermos for each of you to sip on those morning hikes up Runyon Canyon with your mini in the front pack.,

    Get them for $35.26 and $17.99 at Jet.

    9. A soft baby carrier in a super extra color.

    Is she wearing a backpack or are you wearing a frontpack? Idk, but either way you guys are rocking the colorblocking.

    Get it for $12.73 at Walmart.

    10. An adorable pair of weight benches to use as play equipment, most likely.,

    Like swole mother, like swole child.

    Get them for $109.99 at Jet and $101.99 at Walmart.

    11. An adorable big-and-little necklace set for you and your chickadee.

    Tweet your love.

    Get it for $29.95 on Amazon.

    12. Wall decals that add a bit of an edge to your room and a fantasy-land-feel to theirs.,

    The best news is that, unlike Sharpie, they peel right off the wall.

    Get them for $20.57 and $30.16 at Walmart.

    13. A shockproof rose-gold cellphone case for you and a kicky toy phone for them.,

    Because your phone is going to take a dive from the high chair, and theirs is going to buy you time when you’re stuck in traffic.

    Get them for $7.99 and $12.88 at Jet.

    14. A tiny kitchen reno for them and a dream mixer for you.,

    While you dream about saving up for that subway-tile backsplash, you can each do some entertaining with your own picture-perfect kit.

    Get them for $117.13 and $349.99 at Jet.

    15. This cute bento box with two compartments and an owl who's really excited to see you try all-new foods at least once!

    Just don’t mix them up or you’ll get their carrot sticks and they’ll get your cacao bites.

    Get it for $7.99 at Walmart.

    16. Wayfarers with lenses just dark enough for everyone to wonder what that look you two just exchanged means.,

    ~Deal with it~.

    Get them for $89.95 and $6.67 at Walmart.

    17. Straw hats for big 'n' little heads, for that trip to the beach you will never forget as long as there is sand in your Chapstick.,

    “See, what I’m doing here is setting a good, sunsmart example.”

    Get them for $34.94 and $12.95 at Walmart.

    18. The original Mama Bird tee and Baby Bird onesie, to let everyone know there’s a new chick in the nest.

    On the days when you’re too tired to eat organic, you can at least wear it.

    $28 each on Etsy.

    19. Bathing suits to outfit your whole squad.,

    Because you’re the captain. (And boy are we pumped that one-pieces are having a moment right now.)

    Get them for $2.99 and $13.85 at Amazon.

    20. Hair chalk that will be gone by the time you go back to work/daycare on Monday.

    No I’m not too old for hair chalk, Jeanine.

    Get it for $11 at Walmart.

    21. A face paint palette, for low-risk matching tattoos.

    Put your Coachella tattooing skills to use on their face and your arm.

    Get it for $19.50 on Amazon.

    22. A twin photo frame that tells your kid, "You'll always be a part of me/I'm part of you indefinitely..."

    Pop a photo of your bebe on the left, and a baby pic of yourself on the right, because look how far you’ve come. <3

    Get it for $43.45 at Walmart.

    You have a limited amount of time before they start responding to suggestions of twinning with this look:

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Use it wisely.

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