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Updated on Mar 14, 2019. Posted on Jul 13, 2017

19 Times Britain Made Everyone In America Say, "What?"

"Why do British people put a plastic tub in the kitchen sink?"

1. When the idea of washing machines in kitchens was just super strange.

Here's a selfie I took in 2015 with a washing machine just to prove to Americans that British people actually put t…

2. When they questioned our fine food.

3. And our desserts.

4. When they stumbled upon the British legend Mr Blobby.

All Action / EMPICS Entertainment / Twitter: @emmybeezyk

5. When they couldn't grasp the concept of an egg cup.

@cursedchildlwt We keep them in egg cartons that can hold up to 2 dozen so we aren't taking up the entire fridge wi…

6. When they didn't know why we use washing-up bowls.

Someone answer me this, why do British people put a plastic tub in the kitchen sink?

7. When our lack of tipping was exposed.

Getty Images / Twitter: @keelahtequila

8. When the "cheeky Nando's" meme had all of America scratching their heads.

9. When our greatest invention, train wine, was discovered.

Can buy wine by the (plastic) glass in England convenience stores

10. When we confused them with our holidays.

11. When our orange juice came with juicy bits.

12. When America didn't have a word for "fortnight".

13. When our two-tap system was a mystery.

14. When they had questions about our tea-drinking habits.

15. When they discovered Embarrassing Bodies.

yo man theres some British show on Netflix called embarrassing bodies and they just showed a woman's entire actual anus

16. When "fanny" meant something completely different.

17. When they wanted to learn more about our TV channels.

18. When our puddings weren't puddings.

Getty Images / Twitter: @bathadah

19. And when they picked up on our overuse of the letter X.

why do other british people put an x after literally everything they're like "oh my nan just died x" am i missing out on something

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