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    19 Things Any Dog-Lover Has Done

    Who needs a therapist when you've got a dog?

    1. Refused to move when a dog sits on you, even when it's torture.

    2. Used a dog as an excuse not to hang out.

    3. Gone to a dog park and made up little dramas about the all the dogs there.

    4. Gone to someone's house just to play with their dog.

    5. Gotten legitimately depressed after having to part with a dog.

    6. Been physically unable to stay mad at a dog for over a few minutes.

    7. Purposefully neglected to finish cleaning because you knew the dog would take care of it.

    8. Spent significant time fantasizing about all the fabulous dogs in your neighborhood.

    9. Made a public display of eating just to hold a dog's attention.

    10. Taken a dog's collar off and felt you were doing something scandalous.

    11. Spent a whole afternoon just looking at dog pictures to unwind.

    12. Rattled some keys or a potato chip bag to gain a dog's love.

    13. Arguably enjoyed petting a dog more than the dog did.

    14. Been physically unable to go to dog shelter without coming dangerously close to adopting all the occupants.

    15. Used an insanely mushy dog voice even babies don't hear from you.

    16. Cared far more about the welfare of a dog than it's owner.

    17. Opened up more to a dog more than you could with a human.

    18. Had your day do a complete 180 upon the sight of a dog.

    19. And just been brought to tears by how freaking adorable a dog is.

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