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    Wait, Janice From "Friends" Was In "The Parent Trap"?!

    OH. MY. GOD.

    So, I was rewatching The Parent Trap for the billionth time, and after I stopped having a meltdown over the fact that evil Meredith is supposed to be twentyfuckingsix years old in the movie, I realized there's something none of us have really talked about yet...


    Remember these camp counselor ladies who apparently never bothered to question that two "identical strangers" enrolled in their summer camp? Take a closer look at the one on the left...

    Walt Disney

    Maybe take off her glasses, put down her hair โ€” you know, that classic hot-girl movie transformation...

    Walt Disney

    OH...MY...GOD! It's Janice from Friends!

    NBC / Via

    Or, you know, actress Maggie Wheeler.

    To summarize, Maggie Wheeler is truly a '90s icon and we are all #blessed with her important film and television work.

    Walt Disney

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