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If You Haven't Cried At These 19 Filipino Movie Moments, You're Probably Dead Inside

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3. When Bobbie recollects the situations which led her to believe her parents liked her the least of all siblings in Four Sisters and a Wedding.

4. The scene in Magnifico when the titular character died and his dad had to shorten the coffin which the former originally made for his grandma so that Magnifico could use it instead.

6. And this scene from the same movie which eerily resembles Spoliarium, an internationally-acclaimed painting by none other than Antonio Luna's brother, Juan Luna.

8. When Noel made Shirley realize that all kinds of love—even those between two gay men—can be so good and intense and therefore should be accepted in In My Life.

9. When Basha saw Popoy and Tricia together and couldn't do anything about it but to cry to her mom in One More Chance.

10. When Mace desperately begs the universe to stop the hurt she feels from her recent breakup in That Thing Called Tadhana.

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Imagine being so heartbroken you just shout it out to the void.

13. When Estella was forced to separate from her children and leave them to her abusive husband and her mother-in-law who looks down on her for being illiterate in Abakada... Ina.

14. This confrontation scene in Dubai where Andrew proves his unconditional love for his brother Raffy despite the fact that they fell in love with the same woman.

15. When, in Madrasta, Mariel decided not to take any shit from her husband anymore after having had enough of him constantly ignoring her struggles of being a stepmom.

18. When Gary, who came back from the dead through his daughter's wish, realized it's time to go back and leave his family just when he's starting to grow fond of them in Wansapanataym.

19. And finally, in Kokey, when the adorable extraterrestrial creature had to go back to his home planet after building a strong friendship with Bong and Anna on Earth.

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