13 "Changing Rooms" Designs That Really Haven't Aged That Well

    Open your eyes.

    Remember Changing Rooms? It was a BBC show in the late '90s and early '00s where neighbours swapped houses and redecorated a room, aided by designers.

    1. This "Out of This World" sexy room.

    And don't get me started on this arse sculpture.

    2. This "Very Strong Black and White Themed" room.

    I think the weirdest thing in this room is the floor, which is black and covered in strips of silver tape.

    3. The "Tenthouse Penthouse".

    I'll pass on this room, thanks.

    4. This "Romanto Panto".

    5. This "Tribute to All Things Circular" in Doncaster.

    I quite like the fact that they added two silver rubber rings in there because everything else was circular.

    6. This "Funky Family" room.

    7. This "Touch of Art" bedroom.

    These things at the bottom of the bed are made out of MDF by the way. Marble was too expensive.

    8. This "Love Nest" bedroom.

    9. This boudoir of "Hot Purple Passion".

    10. This "Art Gallery–Inspired" living room.

    11. This "New York Gallery Sitting Room".

    12. And where would we be without the disastrous free-standing shelves episode? They put up antique teapots, which were priceless, in the middle of the room.

    The whole thing then collapsed minutes later because they put too many books on the shelves. Nothing was saved.

    Linda was like: "This is my fault entirely and I will take responsibility for that."

    And Handy Andy was like this.

    This is some of the greatest TV you will ever watch:

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    BBC / Endemol UK / Via youtube.com

    And then Carol Smillie said: "It was time for Linda to deliver the bad news to Clauda."

    13. BONUS: I've redesigned this room in your house.

    Please, please, PLEASE bring back Changing Rooms or at least repeat episodes on a digital channel.

    There are hundreds of channels WE NEED THIS.